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A new Aegismax Wind Hard quilt design is out on Aliexpress. Looks like a good update to the Wind Hard Tiny - box baffles, sewn-in foot box and a longer/wider version is available. Might be tempted to pass my original version on to my daughter and upgrade...

Technical Specs:800FP Down Pro | iFlex 10D DWR Nylon Fabrics | Draft baffle | Storage bag and stuff sack included

Twilight Regular:Fill weight:350g | Sleeping bag weight:509g | Size:175x130cm | Package size:17x28cm

Twilight Long:Fill weight:400g | Sleeping bag weight:584g | Size:185x154cm | Package size:17x28cm

Temperature Rating:EN Limit -5° C/23° F| EN Comfort 0° C/32° F.



The biggest issue I find is understanding whether the fp is American or European (though there is now a global standard iirc).
A bit late to answer that but actually, most brands use the international norm IDFB. Even Europeans ones.
The only brands that are still using EU norm I'm aware of are :
- Triple Zero
- Valandré
- Sir Joseph

Any brand using EU norm is more likely to advertise it as EU norm is stricter.

US standard ended in 1999. But some brands (even Europeans ones) are still using it for some reasons. Like Millet, Enlightened Equipment or Mountain Hardwear.

Here is how you can convert easily :

IDFB : 900 cuin
EU : 810 cuin (-10%)
old US : 945 cuin (+5%)

Hope this helps.

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Odd Man

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Zenbivy now has a EU store