Worst night out ?

Discussion in 'Hiking Chat' started by cathyjc, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

  2. Heltrekker

    Heltrekker Section Hiker

    Got to be slogging from Cross Fell to Alston with food poisoning while it was dark and p***ing stair rods - miserable!
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  3. Whiteburn

    Whiteburn Thru Hiker

    Lacs de Barrounde, crouched on a small X-lite for hours in the vague notion that it would insulate me from the ground as a raging thunderstorm flashed all around, trail shoes on hands to steady the pole which was bending rather a lot. The storm dropping several inches of rain & 15mm hail; hairs bristling and watching a torrent carrying buckets full of hail through the shelter on route to the lake……I didn’t get much sleep that night. :(
  4. Baldy

    Baldy Thru Hiker

    A school winter mountaineering trip 1970.
    Inadequate sleeping bags and inadequate instructors. We all nearly froze to death then were called to help the MRT search for 2 missing climbers. (found dead)
  5. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    Champers nightclub in Keighley, circa 1992

    Drank rather a lot of Diamond White, got run over by a taxi and ended up in hospital getting my stomach pumped
  6. OwenM

    OwenM Section Hiker

    Climbing with my brother in Peru back in 1986, we'd gone up to around 6000m when we both became ill with food poisoning. We tried to get down but didn't make and had to bivi.
    It went down to -15C in the night. Not the best place to be suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting.
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  7. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

    I once saw someone get their stomach pumped, in the street, on Bastille Day, Deauville 1977. The sight of this service being ordered by the gendarme and undertaken by 2 men in white coats who got out of an unmarked van sobered us up quickly :)
  8. SteG

    SteG Section Hiker

    Visiting the moelwyns at the end of autumn for just the second time I decided to use put in some practice and add to my new nav skills. I parked near Gelli-lago on nanmore Rd and made my way slowly with a heavy pack to Moel Meirch then along the tops towards Cnicht. I noted perfect camp spots, that I would return to once I had captured the lovely sunset over Cnicht. Anyway I took the photo and it soon became dark, foggy and cold. Very tired at this point and didn't feel confident on going to try and find those perfectly good camp spots, so pitched up on a slight angle on boggy ground. The wind picked up and then started bending that middle pole to my face, pegs came out and the tent started dancing. I got out hands freezing quickly and tried holding tent down and put pegs back in. Tent pole snapped and ripped through my fly and started to dance wildly again. I had to seriously try not to panic, I calmed my mind down threw everything in my bag and once away from the danger of cliffs managed to handrail fences walls and streams back to the car. That was my third wild camp, like a crash course in 'perils of doing things the wrong way'
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  9. Munro277

    Munro277 Thru Hiker

    What was other club called there ?
  10. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    Rat Trap?

    I've had two or three sleepless nights waiting for my tent to get flattened but nothing life threatening. I managed to go hammock camping once and forgot my tree straps so had to sleep on the floor without a mat or groundsheet, strategically placed dry bags worked okay to keep the wet out by I didn't sleep a wink.
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  11. MikeinDorset

    MikeinDorset Ultralighter

    Near the foot of Tryfan, in snow, in what I was discovering to be a highly porous Army bivy bag. Rolled downhill in the night into a pool of melted slush, which poured into the bivy bag. Meanwhile, my ccf mat blew away. That was nice. Then in the morning I had to find my rucksack under the snow that had fallen...

    Can't really compete with some of you lot though.
  12. Jamess

    Jamess Section Hiker

    A night in a cuben Duomid on the Mullardoch round.

    We camped in Corrie as the storm broke and the wind slammed into the Duomid from all sides. Cuben having no stretch gives you a much tougher ride than a silnylon shelter in serious wind.

    The Duomid survived intact which is more than my friend's shelter did. We bailed out the following morning.
  13. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    I once stayed at a hotel with no room service :(
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  14. Robin

    Robin Moderator Staff Member

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  15. SteG

    SteG Section Hiker

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  16. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

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  17. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Thru Hiker

    Layed up for 6 days with a blizzard continuously ripping through. Two of us in a small pup tent that you couldn't sit up in without sheets of frozen condensation falling in. The worst part was crawling back into the tent like frosty the snowman after having to nip outside for a :poop: on the glacier.
  18. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    A night in a telephone box age 15 or 16 in some Bavarian mountain village. I was interrailing around Europe and I think I was trying hook up with a girlfriend who'd gone there on holiday with her parents or some such... Don't remember how I got stuck there for the night but it was frigging cold and I was trying the churches (they'd looked them overnight !!!) and just about anywhere to get out of out of the wind and lashing rain. Miserable night in telephone box as a last resort...
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  19. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

  20. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    My spare butler went joy riding one night in the camping helicopter and crashed it into the last bottle of Dom Perignon 65. :bawling:

    I had to give Megan Fox a piggyback down the mountain, sober. :bla:
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  21. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Thru Hiker

    Who's Megan Fox, I can't find her in the intro section on here?
  22. OwenM

    OwenM Section Hiker

    Who's Megan Fox when she's at home?
  23. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

    Pulling up in the evening heat, Alps about 2000m, back of nowhere. Drone bombed by horse flies all day, feeling like dirt- technicolour yawn (vomit) of pretty good proportions. Retreat to tent feeling bad to try and escape horseflies-droning of horse flies stops. Ah nice! Roll outside for some air and the mozzies fire up. Retreat to tent, feel the inevitable movement below. Dig that hole boyo and dig it quick. Mozzies devour me whilst I'm squatting against a gum tree waiting for the meaning of life to reveal itself. Didn't even have a good view. Bowels empty, stomach same, fall back into the tent, sleep fitfully, only one nocturnal visit to the gum tree where the mozzies have another fill.
    Just to finish me off early next morning a snake blocks my path for what seems like ages, beautiful though. Tiger-gorgeous black and yellow glistening in the sun, not small. Eventually after about 10 minutes it gets tired of me singing ABBA songs at it-I figured I hate ABBA and would bolt, so why not a snake?
    It slithers off ever so slowly.
    I know who's boss.
    ps Move just a bit further along and stop for breaky in the shade. It's 6.30am and about 25 degrees. The Tiger snake decides to visit my breakfast spot and just slither around for 5 minutes while I dance around trying to keep out of it's way. I get back to the car much later for the 250kms drive home and find the radiator has exploded on the drive up.

    pps this one above beats the night where someone drove over my tent in a car. I was inside the tent at the time.
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  24. Stuart

    Stuart Section Hiker

    Apart from those nights on camp sites when the group next to you lights up a fire and will "try to keep it down"?

    First wild camp as a bunch of 12yr olds somehow allowed by our parents to go off and camp in a farm field (no, we hadn't asked permission). A cow took great interest in our food supply in the middle of the night and then the whole herd arrived, pressing against the tent. We scarpered and "slept" under a motorway bridge (M6 just north of Junction 12). Freezing cold I put all my clothes on at dawn and promptly fell in the canal at about 7am.
  25. Heltrekker

    Heltrekker Section Hiker

    Did you break a couple of mirrors, walk under a ladder, kill a black cat or mug a leprechaun before you left the house?

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