What have you bought?


Thru Hiker
That core vest reminds me of this movie villain



Thru Hiker
£44 delivered to UK
I might add an end panel tie out to hold it off my face.

Got mine couple of month back. Only just took it out of its wrapping yesterday lol. Nice it of kit for the price. I'm taking mine to Scotland next week.

Mine was slightly different as the pocket was at had end instead of side.


Thru Hiker
Thinking of Mad Max, well the first one, the clip on this page https://www.trek-lite.com/index.php?threads/music.1238/page-23#post-179490 of the Baked Beans is filmed in the exact area where a lot of MM1 was filmed. Singer of the Beans is the drummer from the Murlocs, singer of the Murlocs is in King Gizz... both singers (with the keyboardist) are apparently from the same local high school ;)
Liking the latest King Gizzard album. Bit of a change in style. (Not that they don't do that a fair amount anyhow)

el manana

Thru Hiker
The first Mad Max was on last week, watched it again and disappeared down an Internet wormhole looking up the actors. Nearly all alive and well iirc.
The toecutter... :D

I loved that AUS Ford Falcon (GTX?), a version of it from MM2 was in 'cars of the stars' museum in Keswick before it closed down.