What have you bought?


Thru Hiker
(Replacing Montane VIA as these have the velcro for back of my Lone Peaks)
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Wanted another one ever since selling my previous 3 years ago (Had to pay an unexpected bill). It's an excellent modular version of their current/previous tent models. Weighs 160g and packs down nothing. I only ever used it in Summer but going to give it a go in Autumn/Winter with a solid inner.


I was led to believe from many months of indecision and forum reading etc that they would potentially be agreeable to custom stuff that they dont have as options on the website ( i originally wanted to 'extra' customise a Panyam as its a slightly roomier cut and has a 3D collar and a pocket) but they shut me down and basically said I could only order from the customs options on the website.
They will do non-website custom work for things like quilts (probably because they haven't added the website customiser yet).


Section Hiker
The Marmot Bantamweight waterproof trousers came today. I have a 34" waist, so I got a medium pair and they fit me perfectly...The elastic waist band has plenty of stretch, so they would probably fit someone with a 36" waist too with no problems.
I have long legs yet the leg length is fine too.
They do not have elasticated ankle cuffs and this should be an advantage as the ankle cuffs will cover the openings in my shoes and help keep water from running into them.
The ankle zips are longer than expected, making them even easier to get on and off with shoes or boots on than expected.
They have a one side pocket, on the right thigh, which has a storm flap over it's top to keep rain out...This is for carrying your keys/snacks etc, but it also doubles as the storage pouch.
When stuffed away into it's pocket, and not compressed, the dimensions are approximately 6" (15cm) long x 3" (7.5cm) (diameter), but it can be compressed down to half that length.
They are slightly heavier than advertised (97g), but I could always save a few grams by cutting the substantial amount of labels inside them off.