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Discussion in 'Gear Chat' started by Shewie, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. kvragu

    kvragu Trail Blazer

    I'm yet to get rained on with those overmitts and not have my hands totally soaked. Probably still good for wind protection regardless.
  2. Nigelp

    Nigelp Section Hiker

    I did wonder how good they were. My goretex ones are the same but do work well to keep the wind off. Worth a try and carrying in the pack during the autumn and spring months.
  3. Nigelp

    Nigelp Section Hiker

    Bought some of the Nooz ‘nose’ glasses. They look a bit distorted looking at the phone screen but are great for looking at a map and easyto put on and off. Will try them out this week.

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  4. mr_snuffles4

    mr_snuffles4 Backpacker

    Never Had any issues with my pair, not very breathable though.
  5. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Mine have been fine too. Colleagues too.
    Lots of winter rain use.
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  6. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    Sainsbury has a cheap alternative to these or for "Culo Clean's". The distilled malt vinegar bottles (good for descaling) come with this little insert which fit the swayer sqeeze and similar bottles.
    The O-ring is just for better grip. Or alternatively, take a second bottle top with a drilled hole along...
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  7. Robert P

    Robert P Section Hiker

    Unrelated items. The pipette gives an easy option to retrieve any unused alcohol from the stove

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  8. markgoodlad

    markgoodlad Trail Blazer

    I was looking at options for a 4 season 2P tent - current thought is to get the MSR Access2 to take my daughter winter/snow camping next winter as an alternative to the tarp we usually use.

    However whilst browsing the interweb, came across this HubbaHubba clone. So I thought I would try a tent from 3F UL - there seem to be reasonable reviews of their gear (in particular the Lanshan Pro),

    Doubt I would rely on this for a (winter) storm, but for the cost/weight it will serve as a reasonable 3 season option with the little ones.

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  9. Norrland

    Norrland Ultralighter

    I'm not a huge fan of their 15d gear. Most of the later made 20d stuff seems to be far better quality. Best in mind that Ali express delivery right now is absolute crap waiting times to Europe. Wager around 2months or more for delivery.
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  10. markgoodlad

    markgoodlad Trail Blazer

    Dear world,

    I know that we all enjoy the outdoors, but please can I ask you all to stop buying backpacking gear for about 6 months.

    The lead times on products are crazy right now. Anybody tried to order an x-mid?

    I went to order my wife a LiteAF backpack. 25 weeks lead time. Aaaaaahhh. So it will be a Christmas present!

    Thank you all for your help

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  11. markgoodlad

    markgoodlad Trail Blazer

    Good to know. I will order a Lanshan Pro 2 in 20D to compare. This will all probably end up on the POGO thread, but will test it out to see.
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  12. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

    Which backpack did you go to purchase?
  13. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

  14. markgoodlad

    markgoodlad Trail Blazer

    Custom curve in dyneema. She wants one of the specific prints.
  15. Norrland

    Norrland Ultralighter

    Too bad I sold a Lanshan 2 Pro in 20d just a few weeks ago :)
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  16. WilliamC

    WilliamC Thru Hiker

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  17. JackMar

    JackMar Hiker

    Just ordered a Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody from Germany; one of the pros of living in the EU for now.
    Will post an update once I've actually used it.
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  18. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    A couple of years back, I fondled one in Needle Sports in Keswick. I'm a big fan of schoeller fabrics. I'd not heard of the Alpine Start and the schoeller nanosphere tech at the time.
    I ummed & arrrhed but they didn't have the best size for how I wanted to use it. (very athletic fit iirc?)
    After I did as much reading up on reviews of the jacket and other products with the nanosphere material....
    Finally the gram weenie in me, prevented buying one.
    After many skirmishes with similar jackets, I regret not trying one and now there pretty scarce (which makes me wonder why they didn't become popular enough to be considered a constant in Black Diamonds range)
    I know schoeller is an expensive company to deal with and companies like mammut, haglofs & Outdoor research developed their own, very similar materials to offset material cost.
    Even Lundhags use their own version, but with schoeller panels (Eg schoeller keprotec for crampon protection) to save construction cost.

    Perhaps with black diamond, its due to them being more associated with climbing, rather than trekking, that the alpine start didn't take off in this country?

    I hope you find it a good jacket. I'm always watching out of the corner of my glass eye for one to come up in my size in the elusive Lime or orange.

    If the nanosphere is any where near as good as schoeller dryskin or 3 X dry, it should perform very well and last a lifetime.
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  19. JackMar

    JackMar Hiker

    I almost bought a Houdini Air, but the Alpine Start just seemed like something I would more want to wear on a daily basis, which is how I remember the Rab Ventus (not sticky or fragile). I've been following Dave Chenault at the Bedrock & Paradox blog (USA) for a few years, who seems a very big fan and probably is the reason I got one, as you say they are becoming more scarce. I think especially in this country Black Diamond isn't really well known compared to Rab, Montane, TNF etc; for example the Rab Boreas/Borealis is a more niche product and yet you see it in store all the time.

    In regards to nanosphere, a more durable DWR is probably the sort of thing I will appreciate when I actually wear it, though I habitually use my hardshell at the first sign of trouble (possibly a consequence of using hoodless windshirts). That said it wasn't the main selling point for me, as I just wanted something that provided a better compromise of weight/breathability/protection than what I've used in the past.

    I did try to close my eyes when I added it to my cart, the price for this and the Houdini air is hideous. I'll let you know if it lives up to the hype!
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  20. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

    A Katadyn BeFree filter and an Opticron T4 Trailfinder WP 8x25 Monocular.

    61+K8m+AP8L._AC_AA180_.jpg 610YB6UhNAL._AC_AA180_.jpg
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  21. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    Keep me posted on how you get on with the monocular please. Sold all mine and recently have taken glasses with me at 3 times the weight : (
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  22. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

    My finger was hovering on the trigger on a "DOCTER Monocular Mono 8x21" but I couldn't bring myself to spend over £150 on something I'm not sure I'll use. I'm on the list for a cataract op and the optician struggles to get my distance vision pin sharp but I can get perfect focus using my binoculars so I'm hoping this will be the same and I can enjoy distant views with a bit better focus.
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  23. Nigelp

    Nigelp Section Hiker

    Keen Venture WP

    Seem to be a good fit with my Superfeet insoles. 475g each so not excessively heavy but have nice bit of lightweight ‘stiffness’ and solidity to them.
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  24. Padstowe

    Padstowe Thru Hiker

    Arrived today. :)
    Gram Expert Elite 5°C, with custom sizing of 200cm length, extra wide shoulder (146cm), wide feet (110cm), 50cm lemgth closed footbox, 558g & a 15g stuff sack. 20210514_123103.jpg 20210514_123204.jpg 20210514_123242.jpg
    Looks well nice and well made, just have to try it out now.
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  25. turkeyphant

    turkeyphant Trail Blazer

    Surely more like 500g?
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