What have you bought?

Discussion in 'Gear Chat' started by Shewie, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Shewie

    Shewie Chief Slackpacker Staff Member

    So what have you bought now?
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  2. Shewie

    Shewie Chief Slackpacker Staff Member

    I'll kick us off ..

    Inov 8 Roclite 295's
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  3. Limbo57

    Limbo57 Trail Blazer

    Ooh erm!!

    Borah side zipper bivvy
    9'x9' sil nylon borah tarp
    PHD racer down bag
    PHD wafer shirt
    TrailStar inner bug net
    Various bags from MLD


    I need help!!! That's my bursary gone!!!
  4. Shewie

    Shewie Chief Slackpacker Staff Member

  5. Limbo57

    Limbo57 Trail Blazer

    I have spent my first years loans on cosmetic surgery I thought you would have noticed.
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  6. Shewie

    Shewie Chief Slackpacker Staff Member


    When you said you'd lost weight I thought it was from exercise not lipo :)
  7. Limbo57

    Limbo57 Trail Blazer

    Lmao you assume too much ... And as my old dad use to say when you assume things you only make an ass out of u and me!!!
  8. Tony

    Tony Administrator

    I ordered a bespoke tarp off of Ian on BcUK yesterday, 4.5x4.5mt with multiple tie outs on the sides, top and underside..looking forward to getting it...
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  9. Limbo57

    Limbo57 Trail Blazer

    See why your interested in the line locks now!
  10. Tony

    Tony Administrator

    he he, yeah, I've got about 10 tarps and so I'm thinking they're going to be a good option quite often :D
  11. ivorname

    ivorname Backpacker

    I've one of the 'not a helinox at all' chairs winging itself from sunny China :D

    But it's intended arrival is known about rather than not a secrete and discrete item, perhaps it shouldn't be mentioned here??? :D
  12. Big Si

    Big Si Trail Blazer

    Well here goes
    A 111b,
    A radius 43,
    A Meta 50,
    A Primus shelter box stove.
    A Triangia 25.
    I collect stoves and lanterns, of all types. I also build a refill kit for the coleman type gas canisters, poa!
  13. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    Devold lightweight wool base layers; boxers and zip neck top.
    A leaky pair of Sealskinz mid length socks.
    Chinese titanium gas stove, waiting for it to turn up. Apparently 32g and the lightest in the world. Review to follow when it turns up. ( Just had to buy it again because the seller hadn't shipped it. Found one on the bay for £20 delivered)
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  14. Jacko1066

    Jacko1066 Ultralighter

    Devold merino boxers and an icebreaker 200 merino beanie hat
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  15. Shewie

    Shewie Chief Slackpacker Staff Member

    Just had a mad five minutes on the MLD site again, when I woke up this morning I didn't know I needed another pack and more cuben goodies, it's funny how a day pans out :)

    1 x2900ci PROPHET
    - Pack Waist Belt Pockets: Two Pack Pocket Medium
    - Stow Pouch: 1
    - SHoulder Strap Gear Pouch: 1
    - Rain Cover: Rain Cover Gray
    - More Options: None
    - SHoulder Strap Bottle Pouch: 1
    - Hydration Pocket: None
    - Torso: MEDIUM
    - UL PackLid: UL PackLid
    1 x475 Titanium Mug
    1 xSawyer Water Bladders 2014
    - Type: Two 2L
    1 xPillow X
    1 xCuben Fiber Dry Bags
    - Size: MEDIUM
    1 xCuben Fiber Dry Bags
    - Size: LARGE
    2 xMini Cuben Fiber Ditty Bags
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  16. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    Got some Carbon felt and some stainless weldmesh from Ebay to knock up some more alcy and hexy stoves.
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  17. Limbo57

    Limbo57 Trail Blazer

    OMG !! Shewie you need to visit a 12 steps type programme for gear heads!!!!
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  18. happycamper

    happycamper Trail Blazer

    I'm guessing anyone on here is in the same boat :D
  19. Shewie

    Shewie Chief Slackpacker Staff Member

  20. shaggystu

    shaggystu Summit Camper

    Alt berg defender boots - really lightweight for a high leg leather boot, bought for work really with no intention of using them up in the hills but I can see them becoming my main hiking boots, they're actually lighter than the ankle length zamberlans that I usually use and they have the added bonus of stopping Pete from wincing when following me downhill :)


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  21. kiltedpict

    kiltedpict Ultralighter

    For me:
    Borah Gear Side Bivi
    Tyvek Single ground sheet
    Mint condition Coleman petrol twin burner for.... £45!
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  22. Jacko1066

    Jacko1066 Ultralighter

    I think by not buying a trail star I am only delaying the inevitable!! It's gonna happen at some point but for now I'm pretending I don't need one lol
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  23. Shewie

    Shewie Chief Slackpacker Staff Member

    Jamaican Peanut Porridge $3.99 x 5 $19.95
    West Memphis Grits Soufflé $4.49 x 5 $22.45
    'The Big Easy' Gumbo $7.49 x 12 $89.88
    Shepherd's Cottage Pie $10.49 x 9 $94.41
    Dottie's Chicken & Dumplings $6.49 x 12 $77.88
    Tuscan Beef Stew $10.49 x 10 $104.90
    Austintacious Tortilla Soup $5.99 x 6 $35.94
    Texas State Fair Chili $7.49 x 12 $89.88
    Lemon Cheesecake Gingersnap Crust $4.49 x 3 $13.47
    Hickory Smoked Sum Sausage $9.99 x 2 $19.98

    Coupon saving (OUTDOORSTUDENTS):$56.89 :)
    Discounted Subtotal:$511.85
    Shipping Cost:$131.55 :(

    Total:$643.40 :eek:

    Om nom nom :rolleyes:

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  24. Limbo57

    Limbo57 Trail Blazer

    You a student!!! Nope...... Right I must get back to my relaxation ;)
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  25. Jacko1066

    Jacko1066 Ultralighter

    Holy cow man!!!!!

    $600 on grub!!!

    Have you got a gold bar tree down the bottom of your garden?? Lol

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