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Discussion in 'Hiking Chat' started by Stuart, Apr 25, 2020.

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    My real weakness is Nakd bars, especially the lemon meringue, but they're so chuffin' expensive. If you check out the ingredient, they are just fruit and nuts, mostly dates, I suppose 'cos they bind everything together so well. I've recently started making my own. Our local market has a guy that sells confit fruit - any variety you can think of - it's got no additives except icing sugar. I get a couple of hundred grammes in whatever combination takes my fancy, throw them in the food processor with about the same amount of organic stoned dates and a handful of organic pecans or peanuts or cashews and some toasted oatmeal. I press the paste into ice cube trays to get cubes, then either keep them in the fridge until I need them (well hidden from the family....:cautious:), or make a bigger batch and freeze them. Marvellous trail snacks, or for a a great breakfast, use extra oats - costs about a quarter of Nakd bars.
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    I also used to buy Clif bars out of date too. But I'm with Mole.

    I used to neck maltodextrin made up with 3 in 1 coffee sachets too. But they are all standard carb 400cal/100g.
    Oil/fat is double that and I presume walking doesn't need fast energy. So I've tried to focus on high fat foods.
    Latest experiment has been making up dry hummus dry mix using chickpea flour, sesame seeds, garlic granules and a pinch of citric acid, to which water and oodles of olive oil can be mixed.

    Though being a predominantly weekend hiker, I'm not sure calories are as important as food being filling and nice to eat.
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  4. Stuart

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    That sounds great. Do they hold together OK? And you just keep them in the fridge, not the freezer?
  5. Heltrekker

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    They're good for a couple of weeks in the fridge, I'd be amazed if my tribe allowed them to survive unconsumed longer than that!! They are a bit sticky, but I add the toasted oatmeal 'cos the starchiness helps bind them and dries them out a bit, they're dense enough to hold together quite well. They do stick together if you just have them loose in a zip lock, but you can wrap them individually in a bit of greaseproof paper or clingfilm.

    Confit fruit is a French thing (not quite the same as candied fruit), they blanche fresh fruit in sugar syrup (breaks down the cell fibres) then pack it in icing sugar which sucks out all the moisture, you have to leave it for about 2 weeks and change the sugar regularly. They are surprisingly not too sweet and keep the original colour, with a texture something like a jelly baby. Tbh, they're good on their own as trail snacks, but terribly more-ish!!

    There's a good short-cut method here if you have a drier
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    They do sound pretty good. Trouble with all these making your own things is, a) getting the ingredients at non-supermarket price, b) finding the time and tuits, c) having the kitchen space to work in (without disrupting everyone else's lunch) and store the stuff.

    Or am I just making excuses...? :o o:
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  7. edh

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    Now I'm making my Chia Poohding with Coconut Milk Powder I guess that is vegan too.

    And tasty.
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    Coconut milk powder is I think a great basis for a lot of dry meals, I've used it instead of butter baking too. Surprising how little flavour it imparts.
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    1:55 "head to your oven - Bang it on at 120 C"
    2:35 "...and Whack 'em in the oven for about 20 minutes"

    Why must chaps, when cooking, always describe using ovens thus? If you doubt this, watch any episode of Saturday Morning Kitchen!

    It would appear even the 'wokest' of males have yet to address their need for this hilarious verb selection.

    Following Delia's example (as always), I just 'preheat' or 'set' my oven to the required temperature and 'place' my cooking therein.

    Nigella, on the other hand, likes hers 'inserted' - but then she would, wouldn't she?
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    Just heard that we can take vegan sandwiches into the EU. (Source: The Bunker podcast 25/01/21)

    Quick google suggests it's true e.g.

    Logically vegan dehydrated meals, etc should also be admissible. That's what I'm hoping.

    [Presumably if one had the necessary paperwork one could take meat, dairy, etc. Can't find the details online for personal imports (Incidental finding I came across: for a b2c business to consumer sale of a small order of cheeses it apparently requires a fee of £180 per order so probably not viable).]
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    If only there was a thread for sharing stuff about the new rules for import/export with Europe:facepalm:
  13. simplerandomwalk

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    I thought I'd signal this website RealFoods which has a lot of good (if a bit expensive) vegan options for backpacking. They have all kinds of nuts, dried mushrooms, dried fruits (mango and papaya are fantastic for oatmeal), TVP if you like it, and recently found a pack of edamame spaghetti that cook in 3-5min and have 42g of protein per 100g (by Murphy's law I can't find them on the website right now, probably out of stock).

    Another find is that the ultracheap Tesco-special brand (I believe it's Stockwell?) dried mashed potatoes have no milk in them (unlike the Idaho's), so that's another good option. The taste must be added though :biggrin:
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  14. rootsman

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    I haven’t tried them myself but heard some good things about these:

    Not that many meal options so far though
  15. Nigelp

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    I’ve ordered some but not tried them yet. They look OK but don’t look like much in the packet.
    I have also seen some of the Naked Noodle range is now 100% plant based. For some reason they are twice the price of the other flavours. At £1.50 a go they will still be cheaper even doubled up for a good meal portion. Not tried them yet because I’m not 100% plant based so have the rice based based ones that are vegetarian. Will try some when they go on offer. Just see they are on offer at a £1 so will but some when I shop.

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