Shoes for kunstleden


I want to walk the kungsleden with shoes that are not waterproof (trail runners). I wonder if that’s a wise thing to do since it’s generally recommended to use waterproof shoes for the kungsleden. Any experience?


Section Hiker
Won't it depend on the weather?

If it was going to be wet and cold I'd not want my feet wet for days on end and so I'd consider wearing some GTX trail runners. If there was a good chance my feet would get to dry out after a soaking then mesh trail runners seem OK.

I listened to the popular wisdom regarding just letting your feet wet-out on an autumn trip a couple of years ago. I was quite miserable and swore I'd always wear GTX shoes and boots in potentially wet conditions from then on.

An option to consider might be mesh trail runners and waterproof socks in your pack in case.


Thru Hiker
If you'd take them to walk a long UK & Eire trail in summer conditions, they will be fine for Scandi summer trails.

Towards the end of Sept though, which is still KL summer walking season, the temps can plummet from summer to instant winter and a pair of waterproof shoes will maybe be appreciated for walking through near freezing water and wet snow. The seasons come earlier up there and cold glacier sourced air can be a lot more biting.


What do you normally wear? The Kungsleden is just a path, just like anywhere else in Northern Sweden. Wear whatever you're used to walking in.
I usually wear shoes that are not waterproof. But I've never really hiked in heavy rainfall. I will do the trail in the summer but read temperatures can change very quickly. But I guess I will just go for it. Worse case scenario I will just wait out the storm in a hut.