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Discussion in 'Wanted & Swaps' started by kiltedpict, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. kiltedpict

    kiltedpict Ultralighter

    Hi all. Just before I pull the trigger, is anyone looking to sell their Scarp 2?

    Ive got a Scarp 1 which I upgraded the inner to the new version hoping to go camping with my daughter but even then it was clear the 2 man would be a better option.

    Will probably look to sell the Scarp 1 with both inners but it's not the weather to put it up for pics!

  2. Jason Irving

    Jason Irving Hiker

    Hi, I’m looking for a Scarp 1, please let me know if your interested in selling yours.

    many thanks Jason
  3. Peter Best

    Peter Best Trekker

  4. Peter Best

    Peter Best Trekker

  5. kiltedpict

    kiltedpict Ultralighter

    Just seen this.. bummer!

    Will be hanging on to the Scarp 1 for a bit longer I suspect now

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