Petition to Allow wild camping in England


I've always enjoyed the slightly 'blind eye' that got turned to wild camping in the UK. Seemed like we had a pretty good thing going on where people who did it, did it quietly.

I'm sure this is a topic that has been covered here a number of times, but I do worry about the increase of campers in the hills. It will only take a few to leave to mess for the blind eye to stop being turned, which would be sad.


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Tightened rules for wild camping on Dartmoor. Pretty sensible and hopefully get rid of the irresponsible element. Might provide a framework for elsewhere.

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I'd read the small print of the proposals before cheering. Especially as a backpacker.

Enforcement is what is needed. Flycampers don't follow rules whatever they are.

The new proposals include reductions permissible camping areas which affect legit backpackers. There is also a clause to allow the NP to introduce further restrictions on an ad-hoc basis with just one public meeting to knock it through.

The public consultation starts next week and this aspect needs opposing. Otherwise, it won't be long before more currently permitted wild camping areas will be lost to the responsible users.

"Barbecues that risk fire" is a very vague term because it depends how it is managed, and individual perceptions of risk. They should just ban disposable barbecues full stop and any directly on the ground. Much clearer.

And the article doesn't mention another important rule. - Dogs on Leads Always - 1st March - July 31st. They'll never enforce it , or be able to. Even otherwise sane dog owners become unreasonable when such rules are applied to their pets.


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I’m not cheering! Just pointing out that clarifying what constitutes wild camping might be helpful to get rid of those that abuse the right and take the heat out of the situation. Unfortunately we are seeing all sorts of authoritarianism from public bodies at the moment and we need to be alert and oppose them when necessary.


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It was already pretty clear.

People don't care.

In Scotland it is clear, and where there are restrictions, there are still people who break the rules.

Education has a part to play. But really, everyone knows you shouldn't leave your rubbish behind or destroy the environment. I'm happy for authoritarian measures to be taken with such folk. They are environmental criminals.

Sadly, I've come to the view that enforcement and punitive measures against obvious flycampers/litterers/stock chasers is the only way to develop a deterrent that will stop the anti social spoiling it for the rest.