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  1. EM - Ross

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    If I felt like you describe it wouldn't happen twice!

    I'm lucky with the small band of folk I backpack with - different paces but never an issue. We're all self-contained anyway should I want to go my own way or stop early or (unlikely) go further. It's over a year since I went out on my own. I also enjoy that.
  2. gixer

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    I have hiked and hike with all sorts of folks, can't say as i've ever had any problems pace wise.

    If we're at a section we're we are chatting then our paces naturally seem to drop in together.
    If we're not chatting then i don't see a problem with one or the other pulling say 50m in front, if it's a long hike then a bit of alone time is nice.

    99.9% of my hikes are done with my dog though, so maybe i'm used to slowing the pace down :D

    It's just the breaks that get me, but then i take that as a challenge.
    A challenge to stay calm and not get arsey :D :D :D

    Nearly failed last year on a trip with my bro.
    I could see our camping spot, it was around 1km away, he'd been busting my balls about stopping for a cuppa for a couple of hours, but i kept using the "lets get this hill out the way first" :D

    1km from camp and he effectively went on strike, sat down and made a cuppa :(

    Of course he then took his time to drink it in a bid to wind me up.

    In the end i just sat and enjoyed the view and his company :D
  3. BlueTrain

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    It was my wife I was referring to above. I've never hiked with anyone else.

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