Outdoor Vitals Skyline 30 FASTPACK

1st impression... Build quality appears to be very good... Form and fit is subjective and always a tricky one. As I'm 20lbs overweight... Running was not an option and the fit may change as I get back to lettuce kicking weight.

Had my pack over a week (had it forwarded from the US to Yorkshire) and not had the time or will to make time to take it out for a bimble!

Just done it's maiden mile an half. Packed with nearly all I'd need minus food for a few days with tempreture range of 5c to 20c. Added extra water, poles and my front pack for a total of 6.83kg or 15+ lbs . I don't intend to use it with a base heavier than 5kg for multiday use.
It felt pretty good with no instant issues.
I've been fastpacking for years and unfortunately not done any for around a year, so won't be testing it on a run untill I've shed at least 10lbs skin weight.

Very relived the Velcro isn't all the way across the opening , I will remove or cover it if I keep the pack.

I don't like how the side compression points, pull from the mesh. I'd have added a synch loop point on the outer edge of the harness for attaching the poles vertical to the tension rib straps.
The pockets work better than I expected (so far).
The pass through pocket will be great for a poncho and rain skirt. Or map etc. (I don't want to take a fastpack off whilst crunching miles).

Can't comment on bounce until I've run and my back fat isn't bouncing 🤦‍♂️

The foam shape is.... Interesting. It doesn't stop the pack barreling if it's not loaded to help prevent mishaping, but should encourage form fitting when not over packed or weighted.

I may swap the chest straps for bungee like a salomon vest has. I've done that with previous fastpacks that have had the exact same daisy loops and flat hooks.

Overall, I'm optimistic that it's going to be a performer.
As a hiking pack,it should be great but I've other lighter options.

Till later...