Sold Ocelot windshield for Soto Windmaster Triflex

Robert P

Thru Hiker
This nice canister stove windscreen is made by Flat Cat Gear and provides wind protection for the Windmaster (even the Windmaster is significantly affected by wind…).
Note: this only fits the Triflex, not 4-flex pot stand

More detail in the following links:

The windscreen has only been used a few times and is in as-new condition, apart from a little bit of heat discoloration. I’ve now got a HX pot that provides good wind protection by itself so it it is time for someone else to make better use of this windscreen.

Weight 26g on my scales

I paid $44 including delivery and then a surprising amount of customs etc fees on top

£28 delivered in UK, payment by PayPal F&F or other no-fee service


Robert P

Thru Hiker
Hi Robert, could I ask which HX pot you are using?
It is the Fire Maple Petrel 0.6L, which has slots that accommodate the Windmaster Triflex quite nicely and protect from the wind as well as providing the right stove to pot distance. It is larger than expected (~0.75L) and heavier than a titanium pot, but works quite neatly. It is discussed in the thread on new stoves / cook systems