Heading out on a school night!!

Discussion in 'Hiking Chat' started by explorecowal, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. explorecowal

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    Tmrw night after work I'll be heading out to try out my new bivi, never Bivied before!! Walking from the house for about 3.5 miles will have us on a nice summit (504mts) with view over town......and beyond.
    Last time I done a similar trip it was with 14kg on my back!! Hopefully will halved that and the size of pack!

    Was thinking on using this dry bag as it's lighter and as it's a dry bag can stay outside the Bivi.

    The straps aren't ideal though. Perhaps a 3 mile walk would be their limit....... or my limit more to the point.

    Anyway...all this and back at work for 9am.

    Good times.

    The hill we'll be going up.
  2. Shewie

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    Have a good one, take some pics for us :)

    I should think that pack'll do fine for a few miles if you've got a light load, like you said it'll be handy to have a waterproof bag you can leave outside. Either that or take a more comfortable pack and take a bin liner to put over it.
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  3. explorecowal

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    Yeah it might be plan B.

    The dry bag is basically everything chucked in, at least with normal rucksack it can all be separated into easy to find sections. Saves emptying everything out on the hillside.
  4. explorecowal

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    image.jpg The view from our camp. Not the planned hill, but still a summit.
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  5. Mole

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    Nice one. Not a cloud in sight!
  6. explorecowal

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  7. MacD

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  8. Kit McCallion

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    Looks like a top night out :).
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  9. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    Stunning mate. Great little overnighter
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