Hammock Suspension


Hi folks,

After a suspension system for my hammock.

After some tree straps (dyneema pref), amsyeel, dutch clips / hooks etc.

Open to suggestions for a simple lightweight setup thats easy to adjust.

What have you got / what do you recommend from experience??

Any input appreciated.



Thru Hiker
I use 20mm straps with big loops of Dyneema cord and Amsteel type whoopie slings with Dutch whoopie hooks.

For the tarp, I use a hook on one end and knots for the other. Knots for the tarp perimeter too, with captive stakes.


Thru Hiker
I'm no help, I don't hammock often these days but have used the speed hooks dutch sold briefly (before discontinued because of failures) with dyneema webbing. Definitely recommend if you somehow manage to find a pair.