GR5 Nice to Lac Léman, lightish

Discussion in 'Kit Lists' started by Barua, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. Barua

    Barua Summit Camper Did I miss anything?

    It's not ultra light but I was very pleasantly surprised I thought it would be heavier. I have been very lucky to be able to borrow some kit off kind friends to complement my cheaper stuff and I got an ATOM+ as an anniversary gift :biggrin::biggrin:.
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  2. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    Maps? Compass?

    Looks comprehensive enough to me.

    I did this last autumn and a -5°C bag would have been too cold for me. Significant frosts some mornings on high camps.
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  3. Barua

    Barua Summit Camper

    I do have a compass but I'm using an app on my phone with the IGN maps. I looked at buying paper maps but its was expensive and there are so many. One of the reasons I chose the GR5 is because it's well marked. Right?

    I have paper maps for some of the shorter routs like the GR70 but I wish you could buy something like the Harvey national trail maps for France.
  4. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    Mostly well marked. There are some good alternates.
    If you want to PM me I can point you in the right direction for a map set.
    I used my phone 99% of the time too.
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  5. Balagan

    Balagan Thru Hiker

    What scale are you looking for? FWIW, on the IGN website you can freely generate PDFs at various scales (you can also get your print-on-demand map but that can get expensive). If you go to the IGN's GR5 page you can add it to your favourites routes (this needs a free registered account), click print and then choose PDF. On the next screen you can select the GR5 route (or any route or segment you have uploaded) and generate one or more PDF sheets.

    Here is a 1/50000 A3 sheet I've just generated.
    GR5 - 50K.jpg
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  6. Barua

    Barua Summit Camper

    I’m not looking for maps. I’m going to use the IGN maps on Openrunner. I do prefer paper maps but I don’t think they’ll be necessary. As far as I was aware the alternates like GR52 to Menton, GR55 and GR5E are all marked on the IGN maps I have.

    Good to know I could use the IGN site too.

    I’ve never done a mountain multi day hike before I’m just getting paranoid that I’ve missed something off my kit list.
  7. Looks good to me. A lighter/matches is the only thing I couldn't see. I forgot mine once on a two-nighter and have been abit paranoid ever since. Cold instant mash and tea will do that to a person.
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  8. Myles21

    Myles21 Ultralighter

    By Vivo FG do you mean the Trackers? How are they for hiking all day?
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  9. Barua

    Barua Summit Camper

    No, the trail runners, Primus trail FG or something like that, I find them okay I’ve done four 20km day hikes with my pack so far BUT I have been wearing shoes from similar companies for 2+years now.

    They don’t feel ´barefoot’ they have a pretty thick rubber sole but nothing in the way of spongy foam an no rock plate. Even the upper is pretty unforgiving, I wear wool socks with them.

    My winter hiking boots are from Freet, a bit more cushion in them though.
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  10. Barua

    Barua Summit Camper

    That reminds me I need to go and buy a couple of bic lighters
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  11. Nigelp

    Nigelp Section Hiker

    I always carry some of the army ration pack matches/striker in my first aid kit.
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