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Discussion in 'Hiking Chat' started by RobH, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. RobH

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    I may not have found it but is there a thread for good (by which I mean safe and free or reasonable cost) parking spots giving access to the main hiking areas? Living in Newark where it's flat.... I have to travel to get some days in the hills. Would be great if there is a list of known parking spots.
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  2. Robin

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    When I’ve driven to Dartmoor, I’ve parked at Belstone. The car park is free (or it was last time I parked there). It’s a decent size and just outside the village. There’s enough traffic passing by to make me think it’s less likely to be a crime spot. It’s really quick to get on to the moor at Taw Marsh, which is a good place to camp for the start of a walk.

    I’d be interested in other parking places on Dartmoor
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  3. Nigelp

    Nigelp Section Hiker

    The main car park at Princetown is OK. They allow 48 hours parking for £4 and the car park seems open and as secure one can be.

    I’ve have parked at the car park ‘behind’ the Dartmoor Inn near Lydford. This is up a 200m gravel track but I have not had any problems or seen any reports of any. SX5285 - it’s marked as a parking area on the 1:25k maps. Give great access straight onto the open moor.

    I have also parked on street in Ivybridge near the railway station in a small housing area.
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  4. Rmr

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    If you have a early start in Hathersage you can usually get a free spot on the road opposite the car park next to the swimming pool. If in Hope, there is room for around 5 cars opposite Edale Rd near the church. In Edale there's a few spots in front of the Nags Head. I've used all of these for many years and always been lucky. Now I have a bus pass and railcard, so now use public transport.
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  5. The Cumbrian

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  6. Michael_x

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  7. Robin

    Robin Moderator Staff Member

    The car park near the Llyn Eigiau reservoir is a good spot for the Carneddau. Remote too, so should be fairly safe.

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  8. SafetyThird

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    There's a very useful app called park4night which allows you to search for parking places, tells which ones are free, what amenities there may be. Everything from a lay-by to a campsite.
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  9. SafetyThird

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    I've parked overnight behind the plume of feathers in Princetown.
    Also, although you can't park overnight at the Highwayman, near sourton, just over the road is a church/hall and there's a small car park there. I parked up and, as there was someone in the hall, asked if they minded me leaving the car there overnight and they said no problem. Nice walk in up the west oakment valley
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  10. Rmr

    Rmr Section Hiker

    Forgot about the rail station, alway seems to be plenty of room.

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