Forum Outage - Friday 2nd July


Thru Hiker
This is how site software upgrades should be done. Take note BPL.

This is a update within same software from one version to a newer version. I think BPL switched from one forum script to another didn't they?
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Chief Slackpacker
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Sorry Bob I misunderstood, I thought you meant the order latest posts are displayed, rather than within a thread

I’ll have a look and see what I can find

Everything I'm reading in the support docs says it's not possible in Xenforo to change post order I'm afraid. You might be able to find something 3rd party though which will do it for you? I know in VB forums it was dead easy but it doesn't seem to be an option in XF


Chief Slackpacker
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Well. My issue hasn't resolved itself overnight🙄. It's obviously irrelevant to my browser type.

On another note, I see Latest "Profile Posts" are displayed at the bottom of the first "Latest Posts" page.

Given that it appears that half the profile posts appear to be Private Messages
is there a way not to see them? It's just irrelevant clutter.

( I don't understand what the point of others being able to post to your profile posts is as opposed to a PM? I guess others don't either given that many messages are just really PM material)

Also, the "New Profile Posts" button at the top gives it elevated unneeded priority?

Any better @Mole ?


Section Hiker
Well fancy look at this!

Looks nice!

Sorry I havent read the whole thing, can somebody quote me see if i get an alert? Looks like my settings changed with the upgrade.