Sold Durston Drop 40L pack M/L

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Robert P, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Robert P

    Robert P Section Hiker

    It is a good pack but I've decided to sell this because I have 40l and 60l custom-made Atom packs which ultimately I prefer.

    Plenty of details on the trek-lite thread and on Drop.

    This has been used just on 2 overnight trips and a couple of short local walks to try it out, so minimal use

    I have made a couple of adjustments to the cord arrangements: rethreading the side cord into a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement (to me...) and putting in some thinner shock cord for the back pocket to make it easier to insert items. Details of the former here:

    £95 delivered in UK, payment by bank transfer

    Drop 40l 1.jpg Drop 40l 2.jpg
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  2. Peter Mahnke

    Peter Mahnke Day Walker

    I have messaged you, I am interested in the pack.
  3. Is this sold?
  4. Jaco

    Jaco Trekker

    I'm interested in one, as well, if anyone is selling in the UK.
  5. Robert P

    Robert P Section Hiker

    Yes, sold
  6. Matt Chaz

    Matt Chaz Summit Camper

    I have a s/m for sale..
  7. Unfortunately it'll be too small for me, cheers tho.

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