DIY dehydrated meals


Section Hiker
I've looked through this thread and don't think my question has been covered.

I normally dehydrate cooked meals at home then vacuum seal and freeze. When needed I just add all contents to pot, add water and then heat and eat out of pot.

What I'm considering is sealing in mylar bags (not too sure if I will vacuum seal as I might just transfer from vacuum sealed to mylar bag as required) and then just boil water and add to mylar bag.

My question is are mylar bags suitable for adding boiling water with regard to leeching of nasties. I know there are food grade bags available but I can't find anything that makes mention of the safety aspect I am concerned about.

Any info would be appreciated
Mixed messages on Google. If you're not sure just reuse a commercial dehydrated meal bag. I use a Mountain House one.