For Sale Big Sky Chinook 4 season free standing 1P tent - unused - reduced!! £275


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I think this is the last "bag of guilt" that I own!! I'll be down to two tents after this...

Purchased two years ago, set up in my living room and never used since, it has never been outside (which is fundamentally unacceptable!!) , I am truly truly ashamed to say. This is a quality 4 season properly free standing two door two porch one person tent. The cost new is just under £500 although they are fully sold out. Mine is the very fetching Marigold Yellow, and I'm looking for £275 + postage ideally bank transfer as I don't care for paypal, but would do F&F. As I say the tent is as new.

Happy to supply any photo but the tent is unused and in 'mint' condition. As an aside I wish more people made tent bags like this - too big yet can be synched down.

All the details are here:

- 1 Person
- 4 season - double wall tent
- exoskeleton design (3 poles on outside)
- high strength to weight ratio
- packed size: 15cm x 45cm (6in x 18in)
- weight: 1.395kg (49.2oz / 3lb 1.2oz) for 2Door SuprSilTM shell, Mesh Netting interior, and 4-Seasons DAC NSL 9mm aluminum poles (rev. B)

MINE WEIGHS 1.518 kg in the bag with all poles - see photo, which for a well reviewed 4 season free standing 3 pole tent is very good.

SuprSilTM shell is Big Sky's proprietary nylon fabric coated BOTH sides with siliconevery high strength to weight ratio, about two (2x) times stronger than similar fabrics that use a polyurethane (PU) coating

Ratings with different poles:
4 seasons rated: 2 4-Seasons AL poles + 3rd 4-Seasons AL pole (included)
3+ seasons rated: 2 UL AL poles + 3rd 4-Seasons AL pole (option)
3 seasons rated: 2 AL poles (option)
3 seasons rated: 2 CF pole + 3rd CF pole (option)

- 3 poles creates a very storm worthy design
- Double wall construction to prevent condensation inside
- Pole clip design for very fast and easy setup and take down
- Interior buckles to outer shell for one piece setup/take down
- Two top vents on vestibules for cross ventilation
- Large no claustrophobic interior with high ceiling
- Large side doors for easy entry and exit
-- Breathable Fabric interior with mesh windows for more warmth and to keep spindrift and sand from blowing in
Note: Breathable Fabric interior has mesh netting window on each door with zippered flap
- Four interior pockets
- Two large vestibules; each with a zippered door
- Want even lighter weight? Leave the 3rd pole at home
- Highest quality components
- World class quality
- Ready to go out of the box; seam sealed where necessary at the factory


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There are triangular vents at the top of the door panels, max height c16cm, max width c45cm, one on each of the 2 doors. Behind each vent there is a zipped flap so that the vents can be closed off. Hope this helps.


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