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  1. Ed the Ted

    Ed the Ted Ultralighter

    I wonder if that's ingress or soggy gear dripping a bit inside.
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  2. fluffkitten

    fluffkitten Moderator Staff Member

    Mine doesn't have any holes but then I've not had an issue with water pooling.
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  3. rigby

    rigby Hiker

    here's a good review on the 35L with follow up article

    this was the guy that discovered Tom's measurements were out volume-wise & has apparently he's since changed them.
    so if you're evaluating your needs with a friends pre-summer 2020 pack it's probably smaller than they will be now.

    in my experience vx21 doesn't really outperform vx7 in any meaningful real world way and the sooner they drop the X pattern the better (don't hold your breath as it seems to be a marketing thing)
    if you do want the vx21 outer fabric but not the weight.. x21rc is the same weight as vx07 but i'm not sure Atom stock that (lots of other bag companies do though).
    woven dyneema is the dream product for me.
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  4. vaguehead

    vaguehead Ultralighter

    I just ordered my first Atompack (and first real ultralight pack). Retail therapy works.
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  5. Dr Zarkov

    Dr Zarkov Summit Camper

    Custom Atom 40 going on reddit ul if it helps anybody. Would have been all over it if it had been a month ago.
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  6. Swayndo

    Swayndo Summit Camper

    Is this the one in Canada? Otherwise couldn't find it. Link please.
  7. Dr Zarkov

    Dr Zarkov Summit Camper

  8. simplerandomwalk

    simplerandomwalk Trail Blazer

    Bit of an odd question, but has anyone managed to fit some kind of BPA-free bottle in the shoulder pockets of their Atom pack?

    I have one and have fitted PET bottles so far but I'd prefer to use BPA-free ones going forward, which unfortunately tend to be thicker and for example the Nalgene HDPE 500ml doesn't fit.

    About the BPA-free choice: I have looked at papers on the subject and I know there have been studies that supposedly ruled out any problems (like the FDA one) but overall I'm not convinced and since it doesn't really cost me much to make the safer choice, I prefer to do so. So unless you have final evidence that BPAs are fine, please let's not turn this thread into a pro/versus BPA debate..

    I've been looking at the Salomon new soft flasks 500ml as they seem to have a rather small diameter (6cm?) but wondered if they'd be a PITA to put in the pocket. I could obviously buy them and try but I thought I'd ask here first in case someone has already found an option..
  9. fluffkitten

    fluffkitten Moderator Staff Member

    Only bottles I've put in mine are the 600ml smart ones, not quite the info you want.
    If you ask Tom will make you larger stretch pockets.
  10. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    Solan de Cabras bottles (750ml / 1lt) fit easily with space to squeeze something like a 1lt foldable liquidator bottle next to it when extra overnight water is needed.

    I never use Nalgene bottles (too heavy + bulky for me) but I'm pretty sure they'd fit into side pockets of my 40lt Atom+

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