Abs and Arms exercise routine to get into shape for a hiking trip

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    In the video of today I am going to share with you one of my personal favorite abs and arms toning exercises that I am not only doing regularly throughout the year but also incorporate this routine when I am hiking too. Because I find that if you do a lot of hiking especially in the mountains the legs do not necessarily need much extra toning while in the abs and arms area I feel the lack of activity. So this workout is going to be a compilation of mostly Pilates exercises and also some stretching in between too. I find it very effective and intense as it uses all of your abs muscles as well as the arms. You won’t need any equipment for this - just your mat, some water and the right mood to crush it.

    What exercise routine do you incorporate when preparing to your hiking trips?
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    You go first @edh and i'll follow :D
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    Best not to have complete straight back when doing plank, raise your bum a little to engage core. Sumo/wide squats on tip toes great for core and lower back. Do some happy babies for lower back. Downward dogs. All great for helping with descents when hiking. Not bothered about toning my upper body or cosmetic exercises, waste of time for me these days. Just want to stretch my hamstrings and keep lower back/core strong.
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    Thanks for the tips, it is sometimes hard to keep the form without seeing it from the side. I (Angelina) love doing squats too, they are a good exercise overall. The set of favorite exercises and what works for each individual is different and this video is more of a suggestion than a strict routine. Also it is a matter of taste, I personally like doing such type of pilates exercises for all the body parts and Dima,my husband, doesn't enjoy it as much and prefers to stick to his bar exercises.
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    Good workout in great scenery :thumbsup:
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