Yamatomichi Three 45L bag review

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    So after using this bag for a while now it's time to do a review.
    There is close to none English information to be found about this bag/company but from what I could find in Japan they really seem to love this brand, so that's what made me confident to order this bag.

    Official specs https://www.yamatomichi.com/products/12967/

    The specs:
    Size L 45L
    weight: 670g (pad can be removed to reduce to 639g)
    The pack is X-PAC VX21 material
    Lycra twill for side pockets . Solid mesh for big pocket on the front.

    Why this pack:
    I choose for this pack since it has a few features i really like that seems hard to be found on most packs. The pack itself is a bit "overbuilt" i would say, but i don't really believe in the lighter = always better mentality and i will gladly pay a weight penalty if the features are worth it.

    What i like:
    • The #5 aquaguard Zipper on the top. This feature is worth the weight for me. it's unbelievable convenient to quickly put things in/out the bag and not have to roll it up.
    • I can fully reach in the side pockets with the pack on my back.
    • The spacer mesh back. Really comfortable against the back, even when the pad is removed.
    • Reinforced bottom of pack/mesh pockets. After using it for 29 days in the alps throwing it on the ground and sharp rocks there is no sign of wear on the bottom of the pack or the side pockets. On my old pack (osprey exos) i had to keep stitching small holes.
    • The solid mesh front pocket, i used it to store my tent in and let it dry during the day. the pack has an elastic cord in front of the mesh that can be used to give the solid mesh some elastic properties. I like this method more than the full elastic-like on my old pack (the Osprey exos) The mesh is really strong. after scratching it against rocks and throwing it on the ground again no signs of wear. (i added a patch to the mesh as seen in the pictures)
    • Removable hip belt. the belt is only to pull the pack towards the hips and not to bear any weight. I will remove the belt for my next trips since i didn't use it.
    • compression straps, really handy and easy to compress the pack to a smaller size.

    What i don't like:
    • Price: it's quite expensive I paid 241 euro for the pack and got $%!@ by customs making it a bit over 300,- total.
    • weight: Weight is a bit on the high side for a 45 L, but the features are worth it imo. (this is a pro/con for me)
    • lack of shoulder pockets, but i did add one myself.
    so after around 30 days of use with a base weight of 5,5kg (so around 6-8 kg with water/food) I can say i really like this pack and think it was worth the money/hassle to get it. I honestly think as long as the pack doesn't break i will continue to use it as my main pack for my trips. It's comfortable to wear, has nice features that make it convenient to use, and is reinforced enough to don't worry about it to much.

    Album with pictures:

    Video from my latest trip with some action shots
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