X-pac waist bag

Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by slovhike, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. slovhike

    slovhike Section Hiker

    I love waist bags. Custom xpac version. A bit dirty from first outing before pics...

    20190202_142209.jpg 20190202_141824.jpg 20190202_141558.jpg 20190202_141507.jpg 20190204_113144.jpg
    Vx21 base/wings, tx07front, yyk waterresistant zip
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  2. stourvalewalker

    stourvalewalker Backpacker

    Nice, looks like 10 litres capacity.
  3. slovhike

    slovhike Section Hiker

    @stourvalewalker cheers. Yeah I would reckon it to be in that ball park. Easily compressible/expandable for needs. Also with internal pockets there more organization.
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  4. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    What sort of items would you be carrying in there slovhike? Do you find it bounces as you walk or does the wide strap attachment negate that?
  5. slovhike

    slovhike Section Hiker

    @Shewie its tardis... today I`ve packed 0.5l nalgene bottle, Montane wind pants, Rab Alpha, snacks, first aid kit, MYOG Apex mitts, BRG beanie, spare wool buff, Hardon down pull over and Adidas Alpha windshirt over the top...it fitted no problem and was comfy for fast up/down local hill...I reckon in summer it will suffice for full day hike when insulation layers will be left...as for the bounce they all do at the end if you overload them but wide `wings`make it more stable and there`s volume adjuster on the side to pull it towards the body...
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