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  1. Mox

    Mox Backpacker

    Hi, at the mo I have a neoair xlite, ~ 25". Once I've sold it, I'm still trying to figure out the protocols, I need something wider. I'm looking at the Klymit V luxe ~ 30".

    Can anyone suggest any alternatives to the V?

  2. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    I've been using a sts ul insulated. It's just over 25" (64cm), but feels wider than the xlite as the edges don't collapse like on the xlite. Don't have experience of any others.
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  3. Anders Hansen

    Anders Hansen Backpacker

    I have the exped Synmat UL LW. The sidebaffles are higher then the center ones. I love it. A little heavy at 600 gr
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  4. Mox

    Mox Backpacker

    Both sound interesting, thanks, be nice if there was somewhere I could go to compare them. I'm down sarf if anyone's got any suggestions.
  5. Clare

    Clare Section Hiker

    There’s also the xlite large. I’ve just got the Big Agnes axl wide. It’s massive and has side baffles and quilting which is much more comfortable than the roll off feeling of the neo-air. But although on paper it’s really thick it actually feels thin and bottoms out. I’m not sure yet if it’s worth it although i totally love the width.
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  6. Mox

    Mox Backpacker

    Yeah, unfortunately, I do have the large but I just can't get comfortable on it. I've tried various inflation levels as well. It should be noted that I'm a side sleeper who moves around a bit. Which raises the point, no, I'm not looking for a double bed! :) I've had a look at the specs for the Big Agnes axl wide, however, that comes in at 25" as well. I suspect that I need to go some place where I can try them all out as peoples mentions of side baffles is interesting and may help.
  7. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Ultralighter

    I don't have the Klymit V Luxe but I do have the Static V Insulated Lite and love it. I've tried pads with vertical and horizonatal baffles but prefer my Klmyit. It takes a little getting used to the different baffle design but I sleep well with mine. I am a side and stomach sleeper
  8. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    I think if you value good sleep the static v lux is a great mat. It fills my khufu half inner perfectly. Bit on the heavy side but very easy to cut down the length and reseal to shave some weight (vids on youtube). Second hand (no longer made) and rare as rocking horse is the GG airbeam XL. its my goto mat coupled with a 3mm pad under.
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  9. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    When my Airbeam sleeper XL eventually dies, I really don't know what to replace it with...it's exceptional. 30 inches wide when inflated... 450 g, 3 inches thick tapered and has given me 4 years and around 500 nights of great sleep. Side, belly, back, legs akimbo, it's never ever been found sub-par. It even works well in a hammock.

    The only mat that piques my interest as a replacement is the Klymit Inertia X-wave, V-luxe and Sea to Summit Ultralight large.

    The V-luxe is in the lead as replacement....quite a bit heavier though. I don't think I'd iron it, the drop off at the foot end would be noticable.
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  10. Mox

    Mox Backpacker

    OK, so I now have GG Airbeam XL lust, thanks guys...

    But seriously, useful comments all.
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  11. Charles42

    Charles42 Trail Blazer

    Have a look at the Nemo ones on ULOG. Good reviews and the sides don't collapse like the Neoairs

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