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Discussion in 'Gear Chat' started by Shewie, Jun 18, 2014.

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    Already have it.....
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    Fetchyyyyyyyy! ;)
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    ....this is more you...

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    The new 3F UL hexagonal 1-person 4-season (solid) inner has just been delivered (this one:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000293736845.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.43bd4c4dee91Tw).

    Not yet tried it for size in my Hexpeak V4A yet, but initial impressions are good. The materials and quality remind me of (indeed seem identical to) my recently sold rectangular inner, also 3F UL, which performed excellently and impressed with its low weight.

    There is no 3F or other branding to be seen anywhere on the product or the packaging, which is curious. Full T zip as advertised (hurrah). Nice sewn-in corner struts. Apex trekking pole adjustable fixing strap with grommet unsuitable for my purposes, but will be easy to modify. There is one seam running front to back in the groundsheet, which appears fully taped.

    Measurements: Length 229 (230), Height 118 (125), Width (Ends) 67 (68), Width (Middle) 125 (125) (advertised dimensions in brackets) - I think the slight discrepancies may be due to my taking of internal dimensions, not external. Apart from the height, where a 7cm shortfall is quite significant, but good news in my case as 125 would have been a bit of a squeeze to accomodate in my Hexpeak. Interestingly, these actual dimensions are very close to those of the Luxe inner which they state as 233 x 115 x 68 x 125 respectively. Should be just fine.

    Weight on my scale minus packaging is 440g, which I can see rising a bit when I've extended the provided cordage on the tie-out points. This compares to 600g for the similar Luxe inner, so still a worthwhile weight saving in my view. ARE YOU LISTENING LUXE OUTDOOR??

    I'll update when I've had a chance to use it properly.
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    I like it. I have a woollen hat that is close to this colour but with a little more pink in it. :thumbsup:
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    I'm hoping to set mine up tomorrow if it ever stops raining. Its definitely made by 3F, its a one off bespoke order hence no labelling. Very impressed again as i was with the 2 man winter inner they made.
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  11. PhilHo

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    No I'm still going to use the inner as a nest in another shelter. If I get a Trailstar I'll use it in that meantime I'm thinking of using it in this. I have the grey green version.

    The fly is actually only 600g including guys and stuff sack. So a bit lighter than the Hexpeak. The double inner though is over 750g, which is OK if there's two of you and you split the load. I'm thinking that if I can fit the LanShan 1 inner and have a bit of Polycro on the rest of the floor, I'll have a veritable one man palace for roughly 1kg.

    I'm thinking of having two bits of bungee from the top of the inner one to the top of each pole. I can hopefully have these different lengths so that I sit the inner to the back. I'm going to put a hang loop inside the relevant guy tie out so that I can pull the inner off my face.

    [Added]There's an additional benefit to having a one man inner. It is much easier to take the inner down first and put it up second.

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  12. Lempo

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    This arrived today. I didn't exactly buy it, it came as a replacement for the delaminated Limelight 3p. Have to commend Marmot for their warranty. This has a solid inner, so it's more suitable for UK than Limelight, which has mesh inner. Apparently this is same as Tungsten but with solid inner. Almost tempted to set it up in the garden and spend a night.

    Limelight was not really a hiking tent at 3kg (even though we used it in Te Paki) unless there are 3 sharing the weight, but it's a bloody good car camping / base camp tent.

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    More gifts by Royal Mail this time

    Membership package from SWCP, AE carbon pegs and GG Air Zippsack AE knockoffs.

    IMG_5752.jpg IMG_5753.jpg
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    Seems that many people are frequent users of AE here, if you didn't know already, by signing up with TopCashBack (which is free for basic membership) you can get up to 6.5% cash back on purchases.

    Also eBay purchases give you up 3% (on top of Nectar points) among many other places like Sportsshoes.com.

    I just reactivated my TCB membership after returning to UK.

    Only thing you really need to do it sign up for free, and use the website to search for the site you want to shop in and once you use their link to go the shopping website, you automatically get the cashback when the purchase is completed.

    Here's my referral link if someone wants to join https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/lempo

    Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 18.26.42.jpg
  15. el manana

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    Ordered one of these out of curiosity - about £2.50...the description mentions Tube light, the packaging looks Nitecore styling without actually naming them. A fake, that said, it has the 2 modes, recharges fine... interested to see it's longevity.
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  17. Lamont-Cranston

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    [QUOTE="Lempo, post: 138016, member: Almost tempted to set it up in the garden and spend a night.

    View attachment 19891 [/QUOTE]
    With pics.
  18. benp1

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    How do you rate these? They look good, do you have a link please?
  19. Lempo

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    I haven't used then yet, so can't say much and I don't have Air Zippsacks to compare with even though I've fancied them for awhile. GG ones are pretty expensive, so I thought I give these a punt, as they are fraction of the price.

    They seem ok, inside seams have ribbon (?) covering them, so no open seams. Zippers do look a bit cheap, but seem to function ok. The webbing loops on both ends could be replaced with paracord to save a bit of weight and volume. I mean for the price they seem pretty good.

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  20. stonemonkey

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    This arrived the day... almost forgotten I'd ordered it:)

    A 'waterproof' bag/cover for my z-lite-sol mat

    Price £9.51

    Weight stated at 55grams
    On my scales.... 50grams

    If I don't use it for my mat I can use it for something else.....

    20191017_201725.jpg 20191017_201836.jpg
  21. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    I've used the small, i find them a handy size, might get a medium, the 2 biggest sizes L and XL are pretty hooge, too big for my needs. Zips have been fine and water resistant. You can unpick the garish pattern from the carry handles easily and neatly leaving a grey webbing strap. Obviously for aesthetic reasons and not to save a gram... :oops:


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  22. Lempo

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    I bought the XL as I thought I could use it as a food bag on top of my pack liner (where clothes, quilt are) inside the pack.

    Seems that I have crafts planned for tonight with a seam ripper.
  23. Lempo

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    AE gas canister stand.

  24. fluffkitten

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    I've left the handles on mine, I almost like how naff they are. :)
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  25. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    Ive still got the handles @fluffkitten :) i just unpicked the patterned strip to leave a grey strap. It comes off clean like it was never there . It was a bit psychedelic for me:biggrin:
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