Wet Wipes.

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  1. cathyjc

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    I did say "properly treated". I wouldn't expect to see wet wipes (or remains of) spread on the land.
    And properly rotted organic waste won't be rejected by arable crops, even if the sheep are fussy.
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    -------------------------------------------------------------just had a request from land owner below our 10 houses to stop using wet wipes-------------our sewer pipe crossing his field was blocked with wet wipes----------------------------------------------------personally never carry TP--wetwipes or soap
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  3. cathyjc

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    We are on our own sewage tank - emptied once a year. I have to admit I don't know how our 'sludge' is processed.

    (The drop from house to tank is very shallow - we are very carefull what goes down the drains as it blocks all too easily. I've had to "rod" it several times, :vomit: :vomit: :poop:.
    It blocked 2 years running on Christmas eve after dark …….)
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    I had a compost loo for many years, worked okay and the compost ( a mix of human waste and sawdust/wood chip) was used in the garden, nice stuff when rotted properly. Nothing but poo and pee, all else went in the bin and still does now we have a sceptic tank. The tank was needed as the compost loo wasn't draining too well and was never designed for a family.
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    Our compost loo has a urine separator.
    Urine goes elsewhere.
    Been going for 5 years.
    I haven't emptied a chamber yet!
    That's a job for this spring - on the first chamber, which hasn't been disturbed for 2.5 years.

    Given we have open days and have had a few camping parties, and teenage son has plenty of friends to stay, I reckon there's going to be a few wet wipes...
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  6. cathyjc

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    As a kid we had a weekend place in N Wales we re-built. Took years. Meanwhile we had a 'chemical loo'.
    Dad dug the contents (paper and all) into the veg. patch - you could tell 'where' as the veggies grew better in that area of the garden :D.
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  7. gixer

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    Was that before it was burnt? :whistling:
  8. Fair Weather Camper

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    Municipal sewage sludge gets treated, and injected into arable fields, or made into cakey type compost and spread the same.

    I know this having interviewed a water/sewage engineer on a train :shy: poor guy ...

    I usually take a slightly cut down 1 litre yoghurt pot, for ablutions (either Turkish or Greek - yes both are lovely Gix n Willum)

    This is really useful for in porch comfort breaks, and proper washing as well, which is very important for the lady undercarriage - cystitis is, ime convincing evidence for the existence of Mephistopheles.

    Two small, quick-drying muslins are in there too, and a small portion of solid soap / shampoo from that LUSH shop.

    And one of those slightly bigger, uber absorbant micro-fibre cloths are rather nice to have as well - you can get an effective freshen, if not exactly a convincing wash, out of the morning tent-fly dew - plus a drier tent - :) - all round.
    Plus they do a great wring-dry wring-dry towel action, if you ever reach the bliss that is a hot shower in a campsite :)

    I will sometimes use wet wipes - of any flavour, if they're about (they all get packed out, and binned not flushed anyway), but T.P. subsequently burnt seems like more of a LNT option.

    There will most likely be, not much more than 0.5 m3 of compost from our loo, there's not much to humanure, once the water is subtracted, nor a great deal of nutrient - the nitrogenous fertility is mostly in the wee - this added to woodchip to hasten its breakdown into useful soil conditioner. :lurking:

    The composted poo will most likely end up under currant bushes - very little risk of pathogens - but the fruit wouldn't touch it anyhows :poto:

  9. cathyjc

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    @gixer Yes, chemicals and all - veggies didn't mind. This was the 1970's tho'.
  10. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    I don't take wipes/wet wipes out camping ….. there are other ways of doing the hygiene thing.
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  11. Fair Weather Camper

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    Perchance this was an humorous reference to our more extreme Welsh neighbours pyromaniac tendencies back in the day..?

    i seem to recall a tagline - "Come home to a real fire - buy a Welsh holiday home ... "
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  12. cathyjc

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    Forgot about that LOL. If we hadn't rebuilt the place it would have been demolished. We sold it back to a local. One building saved.
  13. Enzo

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    Personally. Instigated.soil.stimulant
    as bob flowerdew puts it
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  14. Fair Weather Camper

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    For sure bob :rolleyes:

    But at the same time, don't you have an overwhelming urge to take the shears to that braid ?
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  16. Imperial Dave

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    if you really want to help....dont eat processed foods, cut down on the red meat, bathe every other day and get an energy efficient house and use grarse for yer arse :)
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