West Highland Way Kit list Help Needed!

Discussion in 'Kit Lists' started by Raddy, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Padstowe

    Padstowe Section Hiker

    Sorry I thought you were using a 25L, i'd look at packs but I'd leave it till near last to get one if that wasn't already your thinking, as you need one that your stuff fits in & also carries the weight it will all be.
    Sleeping, you can combine a lighter bag with an insulation jacket (worth their weight), a light (splash) bivvy will also up the temp a small bit, more so than the inner of a shelter, if you wanted to go the single skin or tarp route.
  2. PhilHo

    PhilHo Ultralighter

    Which shelters are good for over 6'2" people?

    I have new Luxe Hexpeak V4a which I'm going to use in anger for the first time at the weekend, on top half of WHW. I have fly only as I was thinking the only way I'll fit is without the inner. Slightly concerned about condensation on both ends of my sleeping bag but have a plan. I'll report back after.
  3. Clare

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    Check out @Teepee suggestion for a sleeping bag cover made from breathable water resistant dust sheet in the linked thread. If you haven’t got time to make a cover you could just drape a piece over the end of the bag.

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  4. PhilHo

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    I did read that thread and looked at the various suggestions including Teepee's MYOG option. I plan to either make or get a cover depending on how I get on this weekend. My current plan for now is to put my wind shirt over one end and rain kilt over the other. I have a Rab storm bivi but don't want to carry something that might make matters worse and that weighs nearly as much as my shelter.
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  5. Raddy

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    Thank you for advice, yeah @Robert Mclean i may use my old issues one but we will see, been having a look at some others and some are decent.
  6. Raddy

    Raddy Trekker

    Also my friends back at work Sunday night who I am doing it with so we can plan the days we are doing it then map our route out and then start looking at getting some proper kit.
  7. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    Check out the TT Notch for a bit more lenghtwise space... Also, the lighter tyvec grade (sold for kite making) makes decent splash biwi bags. Easy to work with with double sided tape but bulkier than pertex.
  8. PhilHo

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    Just back from doing last 50 miles (best bit?) of WHW. I tied rain kilt over foot end of my bag one night that went down to about 2 degrees C. Fail! It was the only bit that had condensation. Head end was OK with breathable rain jacket over it. Thanks for tip re Tyvec. I think I'm going to buy a bit for a ground sheet anyway as I didn't like polycro, far too slippy for my liking. Just my opinion.
  9. Jon jons

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  10. lakeshore

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    before final pack make three piles of your gear - 1. Essential, 2. Might Need, 3. Nice to have.

    Get rid of piles 2 and 3
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