Week Long Hike Wilderness Backpack - Detailed Packing List

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    In this post we want to share what we take with us for a week long hike. As we figured that it is quite different from our usual long trip packing list because we take less stuff. And hopefully it will be helpful for some of you planning your week hikes. Our packing list is more suitable for wilderness trips and being autonomous but you can always make it work for you taking less food supplies.

    What do you take for a week long trips?
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  2. Franky

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    I take as little as possible
    Simple living
    Look forward to the ‘special things of life’ on my return home.
  3. Franky

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    ...and always enjoy peeping into other folks backpacks! ;);):)
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    That's a nice and reasonable approach to it:thumbsup:
    We just find that sometimes we are not sure for how long exactly we will be away and that's why we tend to take some extra stuff (like bathroom essentials etc.)
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    Interesting choice to save weight with a BRS3000 stove yet still bring an electric razor and full toiletry kit :)

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