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    For all you folks planning on winter walking in exposed areas, I've been using this site and found it very useful and reliable

    It's a French site, unfortunately it doesn't have an English language version, but it doesn't really need to - the information is largely visual so you don't need language to interpret the images. At first view it looks very complex, but it's actually quite intuitive. You need to scroll down the menu on the left and under "Modèles Globaux", there are various forecast models, the one I find most versatile is "ARPEGE". It covers all of Europe, but also the UK as a whole as well as in more detail split into Scotland, Centre, South and Ireland. For the UK, just click on the Union Jack. This pulls up a map of the UK, - on the ARPEGE model, there are a vast amount of options above the map including wind, precipitation, snow, pressure, etc. If you click on your desired option, (for example "vent moyen 10m" is average surface wind), the list on the left is an hour by hour forecast over 114 hours, if you click on <anim> at the top of the list, it will run an animated forecast. Here are a couple of examples

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    The Arpege model is very good. Its runs at a high resolution and often does well with the UK.
    Meteociel is a favourite for amateur weather forecasters for its surfeit of information from a wide variety of suppliers.
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    Looks good.

    Normally I look at Ventusky which does something similar such as winds at 10m, 500m, 750m etc.
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