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  1. tarptent

    tarptent Ultralighter

    I thought my Karrimor Aspen zip off outdoor trousers were pretty light at 359g, including a 1" webbing belt, but they are a bit baggy, and I much prefer tighter fitting trousers when I'm out and about, especially on my mountain bike, so I started looking for lighter and tighter fitting alternatives.
    I spotted a much lighter pair of non zip offs on Decathlon called "Quechua NH500 Slim"...It says a size 44 only weighs 286g, but as I am a size 34, then that should be around 250-260g...That definitely makes them ultralight.
    I even checked the weight of my F&F 34W/34L skinny Jeans that I was very comfy hiking about in yesterday and they weigh 735g, including a leather belt, so wearing these Quechuas will be like wearing nothing in comparison!
    I know there are lighter trousers about, but not for this price, and not with the amount of pockets...They actually have 6 pockets...2 zipped, including one phone pocket and 2 deep hand pockets, so they are definitely a step up from jogging trousers which usually only have a single mesh pocket for your phone and/or your keys.
    Material wise, they are quick dry, sweat wicking polycotton fabric (61% Cotton, 37% polyester) and they are a bit stretchy too due to a 2% Elastane content.
    I ordered the Khaki version, the nearest they had to a stealthy colour, and they were £24.99.
    Delivery to my home would have cost me £4.99 but that seemed a lot.
    Click and Collect is free, but as my nearest Decathlon (Staines) is still closed due to covid, I didn't fancy spending loads of money, and wasting most of a day getting to one of their stores that is still open, as it would cost more than £4.99 to do that and I can't be asked to travel.
    The other option is collect from a local Asda store for £2.99, so I went for that instead.
    I have long legs but the inside leg of the Quechuas is only 31" (79.6cm), which means they will only reach my ankle, but that should be fine if I'm wearing boots, rather than trail runners...I'm hoping they will fit ok, but I will not know till I can try them on.
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  2. Daymoth

    Daymoth Section Hiker

    Report back! Im looking for some ladies trousers that are not thick fabric, are not leggins and have pockets.
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  3. Foxster

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    Their size 44 is Euro 44 i.e. 34", so yours should weigh the 286g quoted, not 250-260g as you hoped. Still a good weight though.

    As it's 60% cotton I hope the lightness doesn't mean a compromise on toughness.

    Should make some decent summer outdoors trousers.
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  4. JohnMacQueen

    JohnMacQueen Trail Blazer

    With decathlon clothing I've always found they run crazy small on me. Same with my girlfriend
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  5. simplerandomwalk

    simplerandomwalk Trail Blazer

    I use a pair of pants from Decathlon that fit this description but for some reason they're not listed on their website. They're synthetic, light, loose fitting and have two nicely large pockets at the hips. They look somewhat like these but are synthetic and have pockets. I find them in the fitness/pilates section, although sometimes they're not in stock. Domyos line. Why they're never listed online will never cease to baffle me.
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  6. tarptent

    tarptent Ultralighter

    Uh oh! :( They didn't put the unit of measurement after the 44, so I just assumed they meant 44 inch waist!...Bleeding French companies :rage: :banghead:
  7. tarptent

    tarptent Ultralighter

    I find Decathlon do that quite often...Like my Quechua 500 Trekking poles...They are not listed on their website, but you can still find them by visiting one of their larger stores like Surrey Quays...I think it probably just means they have discontinued them, and any left on the shelves will not be replaced once the last ones are sold out.
    Those Domyos "pants" have probably been discontinued too.
  8. Boozawooza

    Boozawooza Summit Camper

    Decathlon fast hiking trousers (fh500) are super light, my large I think weigh 175g. Specs look good, yet to test them
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  9. Jim_Parkin

    Jim_Parkin Trail Blazer

    I thought that... then measured myself and realised that they are the actual size, unlike many companies that have a bit of flattery leeway :(
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  10. tarptent

    tarptent Ultralighter

    Really light, but unfortunately they only come in blue and I wanted something in green, which limited which trousers my eye was drawn to on their site. They only seem to have two pockets on the front and it has zips on the legs but they are not zip pockets? Are they vents?
  11. Boozawooza

    Boozawooza Summit Camper

    Yes they are vents. The material has an annoying friction noise
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  12. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    Even after a couple of washes?
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  13. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    Sorry, just read above... Not yet tested :thumbsdown:
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  14. simplerandomwalk

    simplerandomwalk Trail Blazer

    I think not necessarily because they've never been listed on the website, but last year I decided to buy a second pair after owning my first pair for 2/3 years and found them in the store. They weren't there when I first looked, but when I went to check a second time they had appeared... mystery!
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  15. ADz

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  16. tarptent

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  17. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

    ...But good quality. Probably last as long or more than two pairs of pants half the price?
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  18. Nigelp

    Nigelp Section Hiker

    All my montane trousers last for years. The normal Terra are near indestructible.
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  19. tarptent

    tarptent Ultralighter

    Picked up the trousers from Asda and tried them on at home...As others have said, they are pretty much an exact fit...If I have a turkey dinner, I can forget getting these on afterwards!
    The material feels very tough, like there is a lot more Polyester in them than Cotton, which of course is the opposite in reality.
    They are as short as I thought they would be, but can still be worn with trainers without looking too odd.
    But there is a big problem...Decathlon totally lied about the weight!
    My 44 (34inch) waist pair weigh a whopping 402g!...A massive 116g heavier than advertised!!!

    And on that note...I will be sending them back ASAP!
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  20. Boozawooza

    Boozawooza Summit Camper

    Decathlon often get the weights wrong. How hard can it be?
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  21. MyHatGandhi

    MyHatGandhi Summit Camper

    I've had a pair or OR Ferrosi for a few years and they're still going strong. Fairly light, quick drying and I find that water doesn't soak right through, just falls off or hovers in the fabric.

    I have the convertible ones which some people don't get on with, but I also use them as my trail running shorts and I like being able to clean the bottom parts when full of mud, without needing to do a full wash.
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  22. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

  23. tarptent

    tarptent Ultralighter

    These are stretch fabric, have 33" inside leg, a green option, and are advertised as weighing 240g:

    MAGCOMSEN Men's Casual Trousers Lightweight Outdoor Breathable Hiking Trousers Quick Dry Stretch Work Pants with Zip Pockets: Amazon.co.uk: Clothing

    Or there are these, which have 9 pockets!, and weigh 300g:

    Craghoppers Men's Classic Kiwi Trousers: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Outdoors

    Edit...If you don't mind only having two zip pockets, these are only 220g (cheap too):

    TACVASEN Mens Outdoor Trousers Quick Dry Hiking Trousers Lightweight Tracksuit Bottoms with Zip Pockets: Amazon.co.uk: Clothing
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  24. Baldy

    Baldy Thru Hiker

    A 33” inside leg is fine if you’re about 6’ 6” tall.

    Craghopper kiwis take ages to dry and are very baggy.
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  25. Lempo

    Lempo Thru Hiker

    Not really, it depends on the length of your torso. If you have a very long torso at 6'6 then 33" might be fine. Also depends on your seat and rise. If the rise is long but you wear the trousers more at the hips, then you'd need ever less inseam.

    I'm 6'3 and wear 34" inseam, 36" if I wanted turn-ups.
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