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Discussion in 'Hiking Chat' started by Cranston, Jul 5, 2020.

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    I bush-bash fairly often here and it involves contact with many hard branches-I often wear glasses so as not to risk a branch in the eye. Walking can slow to a snail's pace sort of thing. Legs, arms, body are frequently scratched. Holes have patched well though. The latest is on the front of the stomach area. Was a good stab from a branch.
    ps Couple of bush shots from this morning @Chiseller this stuff rips the hell out of the Macpac and your legs. This would probably be considered moderate scrub.
    20200706_093357.jpg 20200706_093431.jpg
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  2. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

    Thanks kindly :thumbsup::thumbsup:But I am well covered (!) now for fleeces-I reckon I'll be leaving many of them to my kids.
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  3. Cranston

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    Just to follow up I was referring to a true 100wt fleece fabric in a weight that suits my style of walking/bushwalking, 'non faced' in my original post. Bleeds heat when you are hot and holds it just right when you slow above zero degrees. And it's not fragile. I have about 100 hours use on it now. Bashed it well through scrub and bush. The Decath one was the only one I could find made in that weight.
    187 gms (140 gms/m) for an XL crew neck was really light to find here and the weight I have been looking after for yonks.
    The Macpac Tui fleece (check out the red one! Nice.)—-mens/114347.html
    is the nearest thing I could get-it is just too heavy (It is a 100 wt fleece but a heavy version at about 300gms in XL) and useless for the walking I do most of the year above zero degrees.
    I have hunted the 'Op' shops here ('Charity' shops) etc and no luck. The other 100wt fleeces I have have a face which makes them less breathable.
    After some more reading, as Decathlon is very new here, it will probably be my last and only purchase for what that's worth.
    I mentioned some ethical concerns I had in my original post to which Arne offered some thoughts. Workers at Decathlon here are treated well (so I understand) due to pretty strict labour laws (for permanent residents at least) -but they don't verify anything about their practices and supply OS.
    But I recommend the weight fleece if you can get some. I believe it is 140gm/m.
    Ran and walked in it this morning with a 3 kg rucksack for seven ks at 4-5 degrees. Hardly damp. Worn over a Pata LW Capilene crew neck.
    Stopped and put on a windshirt for 40 mins and had two cups of tea and walked off again-kept warm the whole time -was only wearing small shorts. Off for another 7 ks over the hills.
    I will bash the hell out of my top and if I need to replace it, perhaps Decathlon will have changed? Who knows?
    Mole linked several tops available there-hopefully someone can pick one up and it works for them.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

    To think I was offered an Overlocker for free and declined. Oh the humanity-I could be making my own!

    I had two excellent vegie Samosas again after my tromp.
    :thumbsup::thumbsup: Two thumbs up for them.
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    Agree with you regarding Physio, when my knee problem started I attended my local clinic for around 2 months which made no difference. When I told them that I had arranged a Xray through my GP they said that I shouldn't have done that and discharged me there & then.
  5. Cranston

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    Yes please. I'll have one.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
    That Gore Windstopper is good for this.
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    Thanks for the tip, mine arrived today and it's pretty incredible how different it is to my other Columbia fleece, which I always found a bit warm. Super comfy and light.

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