Ticks and Lyme Disease

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    I think some people are particularly susceptible and for others repeated exposure has an additive effect. Along with every sheep farmer I know I've fallen into a sheep bath and come to no harm as far as I know.

    Quite bizarrely at one time they used to add Abate to drinking water in some parts of the world.

    My researched failed because I couldn't find a level of dilution of the stuff that didn't kill Daphnia Magna Strauss. Or at least I gave in and got a job because of that reason.
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    Makes total sense. That and converting a lot of the xs deer to Aldi venison steaks.
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    Not even a homeopathic dilution? Water does have memory!;)
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    Yes. I was taking what they call technical ie 100% pure stuff and going down to homeopathic levels but it still killed them. I'd spent more than a year perfecting a setup to grow a mono culture of algae in a controlled environment to feed them. They were kept in a controlled environment of temperature and light levels and still the little blighters died as soon as a part per million when near them. The project did spawn (ahah) a little business for a lab technician who worked with me. He was selling Daphnia culture kits including an algae culture and the concentrated growing media and buffer to aquarists for years afterwards.
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    That tick has been about a while... There's no mention of not being able to suckle fat and naw tendon :) b'reyt
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    Good to see you back @Chiseller
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    Yup. agreed.
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    I'm just reading Toxic: A History of Nerve Agents, From Nazi Germany to Putin's Russia by Dan Kaszeta

    He discusses the psychological (via neurological) effects of nerve agents, which did include sheep dip.

    It is an interesting if sometimes grim read
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