Those little midnight trips outside...

Discussion in 'Hydration, Hygiene & Health' started by SafetyThird, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker


    All forewarned, if Snowy here ever attends a meet :o o:

    Absent mindedly wandering into the wrong vestibule :cautious:

    So easily done :(
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  3. stormin'

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  4. ADz

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    That was just a quick example link. The price will vary a lot after you research. For me it fits the purpose very well for multiple reasons so price is mostly irrelevant to an extent.
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  5. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker

    My favoured 'vestibule vessel' is available for the princely sum of £1.36 from either of two well know German Supermarkets trading (at time of press) in the UK.

    It comes with a free litre of either Greek, or Turkish Yoghurt. :hungry:

    Both* of which are very tasty - in their own unique way.

    *Tis the season to be jolly (apparently) so I have no wish to revisit the "Wots the best Yoghurt?" Controversy of 2016, which arose between @gixer and @WilliamC

    But I would still maintain that yoghurt itself was invented by a lax dairymaid Circa 237 BC
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  6. Clare

    Clare Thru Hiker

    Coincidentally, I just weighed the Turkish version (50g with lid) to stop myself spending £9 on the frog prince version (60g or more according to @Taz38).

    What price late night vestibule hilarity though? 10g surely.
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  7. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker

    If you do it (im)properly enough,
    you can have the hilarity for free :happy:

    I don't take the lid...

    It's not like I want to keep the contents for the morning :eek:
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  8. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    Curd you prove it though?
  9. WilliamC

    WilliamC Thru Hiker

    So yoghurt wasn't invented by the Greeks or the Turks - it was the Kurds?
  10. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker

    Oooo goody, some peeples want to chat about milky puddings :happy:

    It's all I'm here for really ... That n the rubber-wear banter :geek:

    @edh - I shall make it my business to prove it.

    Currently putting together a funding proposal for a Mediterranean, bicyclette circumnavigation, in order to back up my thesis..

    Hysterical, historical, dairy diaries.

    :rolleyeses: is the Titular, working title :thumbsup:
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