The "what have you made today" thread

Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by Gadget, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. Rmr

    Rmr Trail Blazer

    I like it
  2. Tartanferret

    Tartanferret Thru Hiker

    It was somewhat refreshing to buy Lawson PEGS now they are sold in the UK :)
  3. slovhike

    slovhike Thru Hiker

    Working on new pouch 20191028_190418.jpg
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  4. Lempo

    Lempo Ultralighter

    Maybe the next homemade pegs could be hyperlight and extremely fragile and call them Pegger's Belief.
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  5. slovhike

    slovhike Thru Hiker

    MOLLE pouch..ITW oval glides 20191030_173835.jpg
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  6. Lempo

    Lempo Ultralighter

    Love'em. I love all black look. Most of my gear is all black or grey. I also love Molle gear. I have a sunglasses (Rx) hard case with Molle attachment, that I keep on the outside of my pack on the compression straps. I also recently got a small, cheap First Aid labeled Molle pouch to put outside my pack. When can I put in some custom orders? :finger:
  7. slovhike

    slovhike Thru Hiker

    Done the Molle couple
    20191030_201417.jpg 20191030_201326.jpg
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  8. slovhike

    slovhike Thru Hiker

    Add some juice to the loooooong winter nights:D.. 20191031_185113.jpg
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  9. slovhike

    slovhike Thru Hiker

    A wee pouch from leftovers 20191102_114332.jpg
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  10. Bmblbzzz

    Bmblbzzz Trail Blazer

    Wow! I didn't know Husqvarna made sewing machines! Not entirely sure how this sits with the motocrossers and chainsaws, except that I suppose they are all arguable tools of survival in the Scandinavian wilds. As an aside, I wish I know how to use a sewing machine. I suppose I could learn...
  11. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    Quick google reveals - Husqvarna started out in 1689 making Rifles. Started making sewing machines in 1872.
    Many of the early sewing machine makers names are still seen on current machines - tho' who owns which brand name today is a tangled web. Just the names havn't changed.
  12. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    If Stihl made sewing machines they'd be better ;)
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  13. Bmblbzzz

    Bmblbzzz Trail Blazer

    The whole Husqvarna group is owned by Electrolux, it seems, and they make a huge range of products, some of which would sit rather uneasily with Electrolux branding. And of course they haven't made motorbikes since 1987, that brand is now part of KTM but still has the same badge.
  14. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    Just for :poop:s and giggles.



  15. slovhike

    slovhike Thru Hiker

    Leftovers are useful ya know...padded Mac sleeve.. 20191112_065845.jpg
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  16. Balagan

    Balagan Thru Hiker

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  17. Whiteburn

    Whiteburn Thru Hiker

    Prototype of a light weight snow anchor for the new tent, 9.4g.
    Snow anchor 9.4g (Large).jpg

    Lightweight PU coated nylon, 46g/m2, ~38cm * 16cm with 1cm grosgrain; just need to add a meter of cord, ~3g, to tie off to the guy & try them in the field.
    I was a bit dubious about the strength but I load tested it OK to 50kg.
    Snow anchor 50kg load test (Large).jpg
    The only sight hiccup was the failure of an Alpkit clipper (OK at 25kg); I thought it would go.
    Clipper broken (Large).jpg
  18. Whiteburn

    Whiteburn Thru Hiker

    A few new 'MY size' stuff sacks, 36cm * 20cm, ~9.5g each; I'm liking this Lightweight PU coated nylon, 46g/m2, waterproof, feels pretty tough, easy to sew & it comes in ORANGE. :)

    Stuff sacks (Large).jpg
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  19. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    Good tip...and what a MYOG'er i am :)

    Decided to use yellow as red will just blend in with soil with colour blindness... hoping an annual purchase of Ti crooks no longer needed...

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  20. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    I'd loose those in the dry grass :(.
    If you are colour blind would blue be better ? - or the yellow/green striped stuff that denotes "earth" in wiring ?
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  21. Pala2

    Pala2 Hiker

    If I'm correct, you have a fixed length of webbing between each corner and the loop where you put the carabiner. In my experience it is not ideal in to distribute the tension evenly between the webbing.

    In mine, I initially attached plastic T-bars (or equivalent) with a knot, but it was better to let it slide on the cord

    Use of the T-bar to connect to the tent:
  22. Whiteburn

    Whiteburn Thru Hiker

    I've some heavier ones I made a couple of years ago with 4 fixed length webbing 'legs' & can't say I've had any issues.
    I normally have a metre of cord permanently attached to the webbing; after set the anchor it's simple to attach the cord to the tent fixing(s) & adjust to length.
  23. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    yeah mebbe come to think of it :shifty:... but (un)fortunately dont meet much dry grass
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  24. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    Oct to May in Scotland is mostly "yellow dry grass" territory (or bog :bag:). Often tall tussocky terrain.
  25. Lempo

    Lempo Ultralighter

    Modding the my new Toaks pot. Silicone tubing & loop. The loop can also be looped around the handles to keep the lid bound to the pot. Thanks for whoever gave the idea about using silicone tubing, sorry don't remember who you are.

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