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  1. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

    Top job, I'm bit disappointed you didn't go the ruby red (my favourite colour) on the outside. Its not reversible is it?
    There are two sleeve end options I reckon you might consider.
    Nunatak don't (didn't) elasticise the ends of their stuff they sold in Apex for years, and then later only if you asked.
    The slightly open end works very well on my Skaha/PCT of theirs. Gloves go straight under. Everyone is used to the sleeve ends being bolted down.

    The other option is to leave an open ended channel. Put in what you want (flat 2-3mm UL thin hat elastic works a treat) and tie a loosish knot, chop it, change it, fix it or remove it at will. Not locked into anything. This second one is my preference. I found it quite surprising just how little elastic you need in there to hold.
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  2. gamemaster84

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    Thanks for the tip. My down jacket has fold over elastic in the cuffs about 3cm inwards sewn in to a seam there. I like that option too.
    My first thought was having it so that nothing shows on the outside. But a small draw cord is smart as I can take it out if I'm worried about fashion looks :angelic:. It isn't a fashionable jacket anyway haha.
    I haven't tried putting it on reversed. But then the pockets can't be reached.
  3. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

    No worries.
  4. slovhike

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    So went with hand stuffing @Meadows @cathyjc @Teepee ....and put in a bit less to save down if it doesnt work:banghead:.. 20210121_191404.jpg 20210121_191425.jpg
    Need to weigh empty shell first to get correct down amount into it..but the sewing process learned..:biggrin:
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