The High Coast in early June

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    I have been slowly starting to take part in the forum without properly introducing myself so I thought I would do that as part of a small trip report from the the Swedish world heritage site Höga Kusten (The High Coast). Hopefully you it will be of interest for some of you to get a trip reports also from Sweden sometimes.

    I'm Gunnar, from Sweden, up in the Swedish mountains as often as possible, unfortunately other commitments means that is not very often. Luckily I have forest trails closer to home where I walk a lot with the dogs. I am also known to nip an odd night every now and then year around in the backyard in my hammock just because it is so lovely. My main British connection is that I lived in Southport for a coupe of years (2001 - 2003). Not that I learned to write proper English, sorry. I like Trek-lite because of the tone, because the sense of humour and because you have a decent view of what is required from a proper tent.

    The High Coast is located in the south part of north Sweden at the Baltic Sea. It is always close to civilisation, but when you are in it you can find a that wilderness feeling. It can be a lot of people in some places later in the summer but wasn't in early June.

    This is the place in Sweden (in Europe?) where the the land rise after the ice age has been and still is the highest. You can find an ancient shore line a couple of hundred meters above the sea level.

    Margit and Greta ready to go!

    My wife Anneli arguing with her backpack on the steep slope up the 280 m high Skuleberget.

    View from Skuleberget.

    In camp


    The Slåttdalsskrevan rift.

    Slåttdalsskrevan. Notice the person standing on the cliff to the left.

    Above the rift.


    View from the top of Slåttdalsberget, in the foreground cliff that was smoothed by - but withstood - kilometres of ice, the lakes in the forest and below the cloud the Baltic sea 170m further down from the lakes.

    The trail passing through an ancient beach. Interesting but still OK when you are through this part...

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    Hell of an introduction :thumbsup: stunning country you have.
    We went and trekked/raced in Sweden last year for the Icebug Challange.
    Heading to Norway this year, but we will be back to see more of Sweden.
    I am a heavy Snus user and then became addicted to Rödvin.... Beautiful meat.

    Welcome aboard :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Thanks! There is one or two things to see in Norway as well... but both snus and rödvin will be very expensive!
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    Very nice! Welcome!
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    Sweden... must get there sometime
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    Hi, and welcome. Looks really beautiful. Is this area near Stockholm? We've just booked a week's kayaking / wild camping around the Stockholm Archipelago for later in the summer with the kids. We'll be in Sweden for the best part of two weeks, though, so may well be looking to do a little hiking on the same trip...
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    Nice intro Gunnar, welcome to the forum

    Margit and Greta are adorable :)
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    Great intro :dude:
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    Thanks all of you! :) @Patrick it is a 4-5 hour drive from Stockholm. There are good hiking available much closer to Stockholm such as Tyresta National Park, there are also islands in the archipelago where you can do short hikes such as Ängsö. The drawback is that it can be more crowdy close to Stockholm. Or you can go hiking closer to where I live, 1,5 hour from Stockholm, listening to the wolves at night if you are really lucky... Let me know if you want any further ideas or info regarding possible hiking in connection to your trip.
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    Hej hej Gunnar!

    Welcome to the forum.:)

    As many pics of your wonderful country as possible, please........I love Sweden (and hammocking) :)
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    Hi, nice place to live welcome to the group
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