Temp rating for 3 season England use

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  1. SteG

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    Yeah Im with you on that,maybe I'm just starting a feel the cold a bit more
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    True. In the same vein as @cathyjc observing that a certain amount of 'display' is noticeable when comparing personal insulation levels, there can also be a tendency for some hardy types to spurn the comforts of a hot meal and espouse going stoveless. I just watched a YT of a chap doing just that on his CWT (well, as much of it as he managed), but he seemed to talk most of the time about how desperate he was to find a hot meal in the next village he was headed for (invariably ending up disappointed, Scottish hospitality being conspicuous by its absence).

    The week before last I managed my first 'proper' hike since you-know-what, to the Moelwyns in Snowdonia. The weather was not the best, but I was elated to be back. So elated in fact that I neglected donning my basic rain protection and ended up in my tent at the side of a stormy Llyn Conglog a bit damp, chilly and 'down'. The difference cooking and eating a basic hot meal made to warmth and mood was incredible - it doesn't matter how many times I do it, it still comes as a surprise.
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    Yeah, many things to factor in as others have said. I reckon though, I can see at least a couple of problems/snags perhaps.
    Your kilometres may vary but I think you have some easily solved issues. You didn't use the straps, you don't know the exact temp. and it was your first time.
    I gave quilts up and went back to bags and have gone back to a quilt for weather above about 5 degrees because I bought the Cumulus 150 on a whim and a discount and now I am learning to like quilts. In fact I reckon that thing is really excellent.
    For me, and others may be different, tkmmv - the straps are the key. Undone or not properly attached draughts will drive me up the wall. When you are cold and not wearing much you are far more sensitive to every temp. variation downwards I find.
    I'm no spring chicken but I used the 150 (40-OF) Cumulus in 7- 8 degrees (accurate thermometer) on an XTherm mat (it was new so had to test it-may have skewed the results?) with no issues but I did put the elasticated straps on properly. I was pretty surprised to say the least. I don't think I felt a draught-remarkable!
    Also I kept a quite breathable nylon windshirt handy (75gms) and slipped that over my very light baselayers (Rab Pulse hoody and the UL Uniqlo Heattech leggings) about two in the morning. Next time ensure the elasticated straps are attached and well spaced and taut, I could not get this to happen on my other quilts but works a treat on the Cumulus, and buy yourself a wee thermometer. A proper one-it may have been far colder than you think. The forecast reading station may have been tens of kms away. They usually are here.
    Lastly, first time in a quilt is a weird experience especially if you move at all.
    Stick with it-I am still thinking of the 350 and eagerly waiting Mole's (@Mole )appraisal if it ever get's cool.
    Thirteen is easily within reach of the 350. Good thing is they are excellent quality so if you don't want it you can always flog it!
    Bake (and tramp) on.
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  4. Nevis

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    Yup a pre 2017!! I’ve made a MYOG Apex 200 for the winter so hopefully that should be warm enough. I’ve also used a Alpkit cloud cover quilt on top of the EE to boost it :)
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    Just thinking things through again and there was a few variables that could of made a difference,but I've taken it that it shouldn't do as it's summer and didn't feel cold.
    I was local and my Mrs dropped me off after tea a few miles out of town and I walked back along the coastline in shorts and light top. It was deffinitly cooler at this point.I camped inland just before dark and had a cold pasta dish!! I took my stove but that was for coffee in the morning.i was also hit by very brief rain shower just before I put my tarp up.
    So I definitely agree the straps will make a big difference but also because I've done things differently than when I'm in the hills and thought 'ah it will be alright'. It could of also been colder than I realised,temps are really up and down here on Anglesey at the moment.
    So I'm going to carneddau for couple of days this week and will have my sensible head on,will eat warm,keep myself dry and take appropiate clothing. Do things I normally do when im 'out,out'.:laugh:
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  6. Calvin

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    What kind of temps are you expecting to use it in winter? I thought Apex 200 was rated for -1 ish?
  7. Nevis

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    Anything about zero ish, i’ll prob take the cloudcover the first time in case i need it, just to get an idea of how it performs.
  8. Cranston

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    Ha ha I'm of walking to a different Anglesey (Anglesea) tomorrow. I'll send you a pic!
    Coastal temps can suck the heat from you if the wind blows onshore-i.e.from the ocean. The damp air can be awful. I get much colder on the coast at 7 degrees than inland at 2 degrees even with no wind.
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    Problem could have been the shelter you was in, eat more calories/replace your mat /down booties and head warmer from AliExpress
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  10. Lempo

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    yes, I think I said it in another post that not eating enough and then eating a big meal can cause the blood rush to support digestion. Booties are on a wish list, but probably not from AE due to my dainty size 13 feet.
  11. FOX160

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    Liteway probably be able to make a pair of apex at a reasonable price.
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  12. JimH

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    Conversely if you're underfuelled your body will struggle to keep you warm, bit of a catch 22.
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  13. Lempo

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    Yup, I also think dehydration and hyponatremia will cause body to get cold.
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  14. Mole

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    Just used my Cumulus 350 quilt for 7nights on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Using an Xmid for shelter.
    I don't know what the temperature was, but always over 12C I would think. I was often too warm in the night the first couple of nights, wearing boxers and a t-shirt or thin fleece. Then I opened the footbox and slept with a naked upper the rest of the trip, and then found it ok.
    I don't consider myselfa warm sleeper at all. Most men I've camped with appear to sleep warmer than me by what they describe, and most women sleep colder.
  15. Bob-W

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    I'm a warm sleeper, well, my wife says I'm hot :whistling:.

    For April to Sept/Oct I use a Cumulus 150, see I told you I slept warm. The 150 has a comfort rating of 9C and a limit of 4C which is pretty much about the limit for me using it so I'd say Cumulus' ratings are pretty fair. The few times I have been cold in it I've been tired and cold/wet when turning in so I wasn't able to generate any heat for the quilt to retain. Once it's colder than 4/5C I'll use the quilt as a cover for my PHD Minim 200 and will be good to -6C or so which is more than enough for most UK, certainly England and Wales, conditions during winter.

    My wife has the 350 and she's used it to -6C so it's certainly up to the job. To be cold in that quilt at 12C implies that there's something else going on. Neither of us use the straps, actually we've the older versions so the "straps" are elastic cord.
  16. Cranston

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    This morning @Snowdonia wildcamper. It's in the distance.
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    Beautiful colours! This seems as though it could be in the Cuppas thread with the white horse froth milling over the espresso shore.

    This makes me feel like it is time to try out a dalgona or even a Sunak sponsored Frappuccino if it goes above 30c again today as forecast here in England. Or perhaps a wild swim in the River Nene?

    Really enjoy your posts here, many have made me smile or chuckle but mostly its been educational, albeit I'm a poor student.

    Thanq! :)
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  21. Cranston

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    My grandfather was born in the south of Wales. Worked the mines in the 1890s like most as a boy. Holds a special place in my heart.
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    I use a Thermarest Questar 32F (0°C) bag for 3 season UK use. Weighs 750g. Paired with some good thermals in the colder months and I’ve never been uncomfortable.

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