Tarptent Stratospire

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  1. Rog Tallbloke

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    Thanks Rog
    Comes in at £322.48 with the solid inner/seam seal kit
    Guessing the Tax is £64.00. :/
  3. Rog Tallbloke

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    How much?!

    I'd be wanting hot and cold running chambermaids included at that price.
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  4. liamarchie

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    Think my customs charge was £87 when I got mine. Got ripped off
  5. FOX160

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    Think that would include the loving and handling charge from Parcelforce
  6. Warrenbond

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    What were the temperatures I'd be interested to know everyone's sleep system and if they where warm enough .
    I was out Friday took my sea to summit ultralight insulated and the Rab ascent 700 and wasn't warm enough.
    Temps according to the mountain forecast were 0 degrees with a wind chill of -16 with winds of 35 to 40 mph.
    iv got a different mat I could have used but thought that would be ok live and learn .
  7. NEEpps

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    @Warrenbond Last weekend I had the STS UL Insulated mat (orange) the EE Enigma 20 degree quilt and Cumulus Ultralight Bivvi bag which both bag and quilt slid into. I wore a pair of leggings, socks, base layer and Montane Northstar Lite down jacket and was warm at -2 ish.
    @Mole Saturday night I had the windward pitchloc groundhog pull out during a gust Saturday night, I double pegged it with a Blizzard but I recall you telling me you have a double guy on your SS2. Stupidly I didn't look at your set-up. Can you explain the dynamics of how it is threaded through the 2 linelocs and do you double peg both guys?
  8. Mole

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    There were a few odd random strong gusts on Saturday night weren't there?
    The strats, having 2 poles definitely a bit more of a wind sail than a single pole mid. The main con of them.
    Having the pitchlok into the wind means the ridge is broadside to it, so I see why Henry Shires reckons door to wind is more aerodynamic. I just found it flapped worse that way, and the windward door got pushed in and took a lot of strain. The pitchlok corners are stronger, but need a solid anchor.

    An Easton would have held better IME ;) (maybe)

    Or an extra guy like I used...

    I put a line tied on behind the top lineloc.

    Then it goes out a metre or so to another peg (blizzard usually, or another Easton), in line with the existing peg.
    I tighten the line as much as I can, then retighten the original top lineloc.

    I've done similar with the Notch once as well.
  9. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    I double peg my pitchlock ends on rough nights, slightly differently to mole though.

    I have replaced my original guys with 3mm lawson glow-wire (I recon this will even pass a @Mole - test without slipping, it's very stiff) and this is cut longer than originally to allow for more varied placement.

    Hold the middle of your guyline and let the ends hang loose.
    Using the doubled up guy, tie an overhand knot a few cm back from the end thus creating your main guying point.

    When it is rough, let out some spare line and a few inches back from the 1st, tie a 2nd knot, then a 3rd shortly after, this creates a second peg eyelet a few inches further back. If the 2nd and 3rd knots are nice and tight together they will hold a peg securely between them.

    Then find a rock and place it between the two pegs.
    If that lot comes out the tent will likely be a write off anyway. Even on on calm-ish nights it's worth finding a few rocks just in case. On the coast round here it will be dead calm in the evening and the wind whips up in the early hours to surprise the unwary.

    As a last resort you can also tie off another peg to the lower linelock to keep the end from bouncing up and down, assuming you have enough pegs.
    If its windy I take 4 x spares so a total of 8 x Easton gold, 2 X Ti nails, 2 X DAC Hilleberg gold. The hillebergs and nails can be bashed into cracks in rocks if necessary....not often needed in Norfolk!
    I have groundhogs also but never use them as i prefer the extra length of the eastons.
    The Ti nails are literally that, a sharpened Ti rod, 5mm thick and 16 cm long.

    I tend to pitch door to the view, rather than worrying about wind direction. i don't think I have ever had to leave my tent to re-peg or tension it over night, but then again I haven't used it as much as many on here.

    A 40% hearing loss does wonders for reducing wind noise, it does have some benefits after all.
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  10. Mole

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    Sounds like a solid system.:thumbsup:

    I should have noted that I used MLD line on our Strat pitchloks.

    Also, on 2 of the occasions the door was to strong winds, I've had failures! Once a D-ring broke as noted on my initial review.
    Last spring on the coast near Gairloch, the wind got up overnight and some stitching at the top of a zip let go, so that corner lost tautness and allowed a lot of flapping. It was the last night of the trip, so repaired/reinforced both sides in that area at home.

    As an aside, I noticed that on NEEPS new Strat 1 outer there are O-rings on the non pitchlok peg points, not the D-rings like on older models ( which may distort/break) if under lots of tension . I expect Franco reports these failures...
  11. edh

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    One of those broke on mine 2nd trip out; unimpressed.
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  12. cathyjc

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    @Mole ^^^ I've done some 'muttering' about the stitching on the 'cross seam' at the top of the zip on Notch/Stratospire before :angelic:.

    One line of stitching just isn't enough. I've over-stiched both the seam and the zip itself as a precautionary measure on my Notch and SS2.
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  13. Mole

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    You were right. It's a design flaw/shortcut/weak point.
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  14. cathyjc

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    ….and so easily rectified !
  15. Munro277

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    So how good are these ss1 shelters in uk ?
    In wind
    In snow
    If anyone’s Out camping int Lakes anytime I’d like to have an up close look at one please
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  16. FOX160

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    Tarptent claim it’s thier strongest Tent
  17. Chris2901

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    I think,they claimed that before they designed the Scarps.
  18. FOX160

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    Good point
  19. edh

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    There were two on the Gixer meet.

    Pretty good in the wind thus far; no snow yet....maybe Saturday!
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  20. Mole

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    The Strat came out several years after the Scarp.
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  21. Chris2901

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    Really? I always thought the Scarp was introduced later.:confused:
    Thanks, @Mole . But nonetheless,for winter use the Scarps should be first choice from the TT collection.:thumbsup:
  22. Munro277

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    Did have a Scarp years ago,was is a good shelter ,just wud like more head hieght...maybe
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  23. Mole

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    Pretty sure, the Scarp was Tarptents first double wall shelter. Think Ed had the original one nearly 10 years ago. I got mine early 2011, and the Stratospires weren't a thing then. The Moment was still single wall then too.
  24. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    I did; still use the inner but got the first outer replaced (for free) by Henry.

    I've not used it in years! Time to let it go I guess :unsure:
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  25. Munro277

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    Mine w
    mine would have been bought around then I guess

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