tape for x-pac seams?

Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by JimbotheScot, May 14, 2020.

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    All my Xpac myog packs are sealed with PU sealant applied with a sealant gun. Works a treat. It doesn't turn them into drybags, but stops 99% of seam wicking and welds all the stitching together forever. Also bonds to the DWR'd face of the X-pacs. My Xpac vx21 I sealed with CT1 is still effectively waterproof after years of use.

    There are many on the market now, clear high grab that can be applied to wet surfaces is a good guide for what to get. You can thin it with Xylene thinners if you want to paint it on. Wickes etc. usually carry it.
    Seamgrip is fine, but you will use quite a bit and likely multiple tubes. Wilkos carry some rubber glue that is the same, but much cheaper.
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    MS is modified silicone. I suspect it's fine for this use, but don't know. I've never thinned it and home brand stuff can be hit and miss.

    This is what I've used for years; it's an amazing sealant.
    It can go yellow though after a few years.

    I found some similar in Wickes after reading the back of the tubes but can't remember the name.:rolleyes: TBH, I try not to use the big sheds for materials but it came to mind as they are open.

    Here is the Wilko stuff; https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-permanent-repair-rubber-glue-15g/p/0288950
    Identical to Seamgrip as far as I can tell.
    I think I used 4 tubes the last time I sealed a pack with it, works out about the same money at £2/tube.
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    Brilliant. I have learned a lot visiting here.
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    I was looking for this, but 1 question. What's a sealant gun? How do you apply this?
    (sorry English isn't my first language )
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    I googled sealant gun and found it :)
    That's how I apply elastosil to bind silnylon patches.
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