Synthetic 'over quilt' options.

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    I think only on orders over £135.
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    I suppose at that point, your not far off the cost of them making you one instead.
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    The other possibility - and probably lightest option - is to increase insulation inside your quilt, e.g. down or climaloft clothing worn in camp. Or just a cheap fleece blanket. On the TMB, we carried a tyvek "blanket" to spread over both sleeping bags/quilts with a few tieout points to keep it place instead of spray biwi bags ...
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  5. vaguehead

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    I can barely fix a hole in my socks right now. If I attempted to add more flufff to my quilt I'd destroy it and it cost £200+. Also, it has down in it and it'd be nice to get synthetic on the outside for any water.
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    Looks like GramXpert is a pretty good option after all according to these recent experiences in the Buying from Europe thread:

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