Superlite Wind Jackets - MH Ghost lite

Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by Nigellionheart, May 11, 2017.

  1. Nigellionheart

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    Many thanks, I already own a couple of other wind shirts, Litespeed, Paramo fuera & Marmot Either but nothing quite this light. Found a good offer price so make take a punt on one.:)
  2. Balagan

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    I also have an old Helium (discontinued around 2012), mine is 123 gr in XL (only size they had left). It's pretty decent though I mostly use a Nike 80 gr one mostly has that breathes better (DWR sucks or has long been shot to pieces as I bought it second-hand).
  3. Gadget

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  5. Gadget

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  6. Meadows

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    That's a good find. I'm really tempted by the down version.

    Back on topic

    Try Reed Chill Cheater, they do a PTX Quantum shell. And it's a local shop for local people :)
  7. Chiseller

    Chiseller Section Hiker

    I was almost tempted... Then remembered I'd just bought a paramo bora windshield that is 205g but I can live with the weight as it's more functional and tandems with the bora fleece...
  8. Mole

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    Indeed -about 10 minutes away from Gadget!
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  9. Gadget

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  10. redscotti

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    A windshirt/jacket without some kind of underarm venting makes me a sweat ball within minutes of putting it on unless I'm merely bimbling. Also woven material with some degree of breathability feels better on me than something impermeable....if it's a really cold wind, I'll usually have a fleece on underneath anyway. More functional for me, even if a bit heavier.
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