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Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Fubuki, May 31, 2020.

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    I imagine there's a few of you out there that use the Stormin Ti Stove. I've had mine for about 18 months and absolutely love it.

    However last year the rivet holding the folding base plate corroded / melted / failed during a wood burn and I replaced it with a brass split pin (the type you use to hold sheets of paper together). Then on Saturday I was using the furnace in the cone (probabley for about the 10th time since purchase) and ALL the rivets failed on the furnace!

    I contacted Stormin who said I could send it back and he'd fix it for a small fee (thanks Stormin), then I remembered the DIY repair I did last year. I popped a brass split pin in all the rivet holes and then took it outside for a test. I did a 30 minute burn using twigs etc, let the fire die down then checked the repairs. All the split pins looked good (changed colour) but we're not showing any signs of corrosion / melting.

    I'd advise anyone using the Stormin stoves to carry half a dozen brass split pins with then in case they need to do any emergency repairs in the field. I'll update you on when I've tested the repairs a few more times and I'll post a few pics below... [​IMG]
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    Am I understanding you right, he sold you a baseplate & furnace, the base plate rivet corroded after about a years use, then all the rivets in the furnace failed after probably the 10th use & he told you he would repair it for a small fee?
    I'd advise you to send the furnace back for an exchange or refund it doesn't sound like it's up to the job its been sold to do.
    Baseplate sounds :poop: too
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    The TDs look good. This is my second stormin stove (first was aluminium which I upgraded to titanium). What attracted me to the Stormin Stove was it's split design (which I don't remember seeing by trail designs a few years back).

    Trail designs definitely deserve a lot of credit for improving the traditional conical pot stand design -
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    Rivets definitely a weak spot. 2 types of metal and heat....

    To be clear.

    Trail Designs did the original UL cone designs. And also developed a split cone more than 10years ago.

    Captain Paranoia developed his cone generating script (Inc. Split option) more than 10years ago. For DIYers not for commercial use. Then later had it hosted on Zen Stoves.

    Stormin used Captain P's script from Zen Stoves page to start making and selling cones (against explicit instructions on Zen Stove site) . Then had the cheek to start claiming they were his design and send them for reviews. TGO magazine and some bloggers had to pull their initial online reviews once alerted by CP.

    So then, Stormin had someone modify CPs script to generate prints for his rivet fastening designs. The Pothugger script is a a modified version of CP's cylindrical windshield generator script, also on Zen Stoves.

    Personally I don't get bothered that Stormin is selling cones. They are well made, and good value, if flawed in some aspects (rivets for instance). But I have always been bothered about the plagiarism/non-citation of where he got his designs.
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    Poetry :cigar:
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    All those with Aliexpress tents look away now..
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    Thanks for the info I wasn't aware of this :thumbsup:

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