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Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by slovhike, May 14, 2017.

  1. slovhike

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    After heat dispersing plate was made last week it was time to test the vonders of gas stove drybaking....results are amazing..approx. 15 mins of lowest gas setting yield this amazing half cup resin/wallnut/cinamon muffin... 20170514_145829.jpg 20170514_145805.jpg 20170514_144717.jpg
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  2. Padstowe

    Padstowe Ultralighter

    Just outta interest, how do you do that, do you make a platform for it halfway up the pot to stop it burning in the bottom?
  3. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

    Details of dispersing plate, what you did and recipe please :)
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  4. slovhike

    slovhike Ultralighter

    @Padstowe @ADz I had SS plate cut into 8cm diameter circle (heat dispersing plate) into which i put few screws that support and lift the pot off the plate (about 0,5 cm clearance)...plate gets red hot but keeps the heat away from Ti Pot and from burning your food (muffin)...inside the Ti pot I put Aluminium baking pan lined with baking paper...Spider stove can be turned down very low and still burn...I reckon heat that gets bounced back to the stove head adds to the low burning which is what you want for drybaking....

    I made same plate out of tin lid but it got heat warped....you need to look for stronger tins....

    recipe..half a cup flour, sprinkle of baking powder, fist of raisins, sprinkle of grated cinnamon, fist of walnuts, sugar, table spoon oil, few drops of luke warm water...quick mix dry+wet to combine and place into the baking pan. Place pan into Ti pot, place on the plate and run the stove..give it few seconds to warm up and turn it down lowest you can..this will save on fuel and keep the food from burning.....put the lid on..of course you need windscreen which is rather easy to put up for kovea spider..warning it all gets extremely hot!...its much quicker compared to esbit setup but with obvious weight penalty;)

    But you can easily bake a scone, pancake, without all the drybaking clutter...simply over gas stove and frypan.

    Need to try bigger size dish like easy trail pizza..:D
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  5. cathyjc

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    I can get a very low burn with my 'simmer' version of the "Ikkle" burner.
    But I'm curious - do you think an Aluminium flashing as a 'heat dispersing plate' would be as effective at drawing heat away from the bottom of your cooking pot/pan ??
    - I've warped the bottom of both Ti and Alu pans heating without liquid in them :oops::oops:.
  6. slovhike

    slovhike Ultralighter


    interesting that your pans got warped from alcohol and with simmer ring on..I believe that heat dispersing plate is only needed at gas stove to prevent food burning.
    I've dry baked with esbit and steam baked with alcohol wthout any damage to the pot....what do you use as inner baking pan?
  7. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    When I warped the pans it ws just accidental - having an empty pan on heat without water in - between boils/not refilling pan quickly enough etc.
    Alcohol burner but not simmer. Once using my Ikkle burner and once with Evernew Ti burner (fierce and hot) :oops:.
  8. lakeshore

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    Hi Slovhike, thanks for posting. Did you experiment with the clearance,0.5 cm seems low. I am trialling alu strips to give clearance to an SS heat dispersing plate instead of the bolts. I do have a kit with a Ti Scorch buster plate and an alu foil spacer piece.
    Muffin making I have done but the holy grail with me is to bake muffin sized bread cakes or the American biscuits; any thought/recipes would be welcome.
  9. tom

    tom Ultralighter

    Dispersing plate is a great idea and a fun "high tech" alternative to the classic sand method (1 to 2 inches of sand in alu pot/bucket with a lid which becomes a makeshift owen for a smaller size baking form inside). For larger or full size cakes on woodfire, rotate pot frequently to compensate fire hotspots...

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