So maybe there is hope for us all.

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    The opposite of that is what drives me on. There's things I want to do and I'm in a hurry to get them done before I can't do them anymore. But then I've spent so much of my adult life procrastinating and suddenly found myself past 60 and realise I've left so much to do.
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    I got rushed to hospital a couple of weeks ago with chest pain and tingling in my left arm. Turns out it wasn't a heart attack, just strained thoracic muscles around my rib cage and a trapped nerve in my back. My Osteo-bully compounded matters by throwing his weight on the back of my rib cage to free things up. A day later I felt like I'd been through ten rounds with Tyson. A week later I feel like I went through ten rounds with Tyson a week ago...

    Now that political campaigning is done for a while, I need to get back into the groove with some stretching exercises and start hillwalking again. Need to lose about 10Kg too.
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    Good to hear it wasn't heart trouble.
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