Snow and ice traction.

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    Comments on efficacy on various Pyrenees threads.
  3. Whiteburn

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    Can't say I'm impressed with the redesign; probably down to making them easier to manufacturer not improve there function......& the price has increased.
    If they're into redesigning IMO they should have added a heal strap.
  4. Munro277

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    id want some sort of spikes at my heels
  5. Shewie

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    Are these aimed at folk crossing the occasional snow field on summer High Sierra trips for example, rather than "proper" winter use?
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  6. el manana

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    Compared to microspikes?
  7. Dave Vaughan

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    I think for the money, I would forego the weight saving and go for the ones @Mole told me about. Kahtoola Spikes, they looked more robust and looked to have a more secure fitting.
  8. Whiteburn

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    I like my modified Vargo cleats (~150g) for extended backpacking trips, when (as @edh notes) there'll just be the odd snow field/ col to cross;
    IMG_2613 (Medium).JPG

    For me the 200g+ weight saving over micro-spikes is worth the loss of functionality. There're quite practical on low angled (20 deg) hard snow but I've used on 40 deg stuff (better than nowt).

    For shorter trips (Scotland) it's usually the Kahtoola micro-spikes (~360g) or for more serious adventures it'll be the Kahtoola KTS steel crampons (~700g), get really serious it's the La Sportiva Nepals + Grivel G14's (1100g)
  9. Teepee

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    "In fact, you may even forget you're wearing them, but you forget to bring them everytime Old Man Winter decides to join you."


    Messing about with re-threading the lace kills it for me. These would very quickly 'do my head in', look incredibly uncomfortable to walk in for very long on ice.
  10. Munro277

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    Must be I’d say
  11. Munro277

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    Kattoola micro spikes depending on my route and some Airtechs if crossing anything with a drop or long slide out :(
  12. tom

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    I prefer Vargo cleats over the micro spike alternatives (but use Kahtoola 10 point steel crampons for trail runners in alpine shoulder seasons). For one, there is simply no excuse to not take the cleats on summer alpine routes but I am also more confident about how robust and effective they are. Like Whiteburn, I modified the front strap and added a heal strap. The new front straps work perfectly, not sure if the heal strap is really needed but it gives me peace of mind.


    On the GR54 in September, I kept the cleats on for an extended section with alternating ice, snow sludge, black shale mud und rock because putting them frequently of and on again would have been too time consuming. I expected some damage but to my surprise the cleats took it all. The Ti is heavily scratched and marked but not a single spike damaged.



    In 2 1/2 years of cleats use, I've not had a moment when I wished for some heal spikes (though I did wish for full crampons once or twice...). But I'm not convinced of the Vargo second generation cleats either.
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    HEEL for pity's sake :arghh:

    i think I'll go for a lie-down
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    Don't loose it Ed;)
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    :biggrin: it's only fare you are subjected to the same treatment....
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    To many tows are curling.
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    Think I’ll rather wait for the Snow plough to pass :D
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    Rein will melt it
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