Skurka's Rice & Beans recipe

Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Lempo, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. Lempo

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    Tilamook 'cheese' is the orange Cheddar of despair :D

    I've done variations of this - I prefer soupy too; getting instant beans is hard (or used to be) in the UK....
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  3. Mabre

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    I've been looking for instant beans / freeze dried beans for a really long time but can not find them in europe.
    If anyone knows a place that sells them in europe i'd greatly appreciate a link.
  4. Shewie

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    Pinto beans are easy enough to find in the supermarkets over here, I’ve used them in meals but never tried mashing and drying them
  5. Whiteburn

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    I dehydrate a mixed bean chilli (various cans of beans, canned tomatoes, onions, garlic + spices) but don't mash the beans. I usually cold soak (70 -80g) for a couple of hours in a Sunpet container, after which they could be consumed cold, then add to the pot with Asda 5 minute rice & 250ml cold water. After bringing to the boil I put in the cosy for 7 - 8 mins...…….a big tasty meal.
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  6. Lempo

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    But where are the Fritos? ;)
  7. Whiteburn

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    Adding corn chips would be over the top on quantity for me, it's nice to top with some cheddar though :)
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    Hm.....I get an error message that DropBox does not work....
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    I did sign up but think there is a firewall at work so will try at home.
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    Works at home and downloaded :)
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