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Discussion in 'Gear Chat' started by Lempo, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. Lempo

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    I had a long call with my mate in Finland and he said he's looking to buy a pair of skin based trekking skis. I didn't know the name, but once he explained the design I recognised it from ancient skies.

    The skis are much short than regular telemark or trekking skis at 127cm. They have a area of skin in the centre of the bottom and this creates enough traction to go slippery uphill but still allow skiing down hill. They are quicker and easier to maneuver than snow shoes and less cumbersome in the forest than long trekking skis.

    Screenshot 2019-11-14 at 01.56.34.jpg
    Here's a link to the PDF that explains the company and concept in detail

  2. Teepee

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    Interesting. They look like fun.

    They are still a lot longer than I'd like for the tip for camp duties... and I'd have to work sideways instead of head on, but they do look like they'd work in camp, especially the Hunter model.

    I bet they don't glide very well with that proportion of skin in contact with the snow.
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  3. Lempo

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    My mate told me that you can actually properly downhill ski & cut turns as they have metal edging.

    The are pretty expensive too, at around €300-400.

    Here's youtube vid I found, it has English subs. Brace yourself for (what I call) rally driver english. :D

    Here's a long video, where the guy pulls a pulk with the skis and does some light downhill as well.

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    Only watched the first vid, but my initial reaction is their the worst of both worlds. You wont get the goodglide of a Nordic set up or the downhill control of an Alpine ski. Going downhill with skins on even a kicker skin is always jurky. I can't really see any advantage of them, sorry.
  5. Lempo

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    My mate's gf has a pair and she loves them and he wants a pair now as well. Obviously they are not as good as nordic skis on ski track, but they are more for the wild/mixed terrain. They are much faster than snow shoes and carry better on snow as well. They clearly are not as good as trekking skis on snow trails or nordic skis on ski tracks.

    I grew up Nordic skiing and done some ski trekking in Lapland skiing on snowmobile trails and in the wild. I haven't done any snow shoeing, so I can't compare to those.
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    You have a choice of companies: OAC who makes the above in 127 and 147 cm, Altai who have a very similar Hok in the same lengths roughly and Decathlon which has just released its own model.

    Overall opinion is that they are good in relatively flat terrain and if you have consistently good snow conditions, in other words fine in Scandinavia.

    Their main strength is that they need no special shoes, any shoe with a flexible sole is good. The downside is that the universal binding is kinda heavy.
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