Shaped Tarp in Orange (The Knot)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Shafiq, Sep 26, 2020.

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    Thats what it looks like when pitched low (by me cos I'm hopeless at pitching properly). I'm 5ft10 and I slept under it fine in the rain. I bought for about £40 from Bearbones Bikepacking classifieds and previous seller reliably informs that it's good for 2 when pitched properly.

    Has 4 guy lines attached which is what i used and just pegged the otger two points with their end tabs.

    No Poles as they're mine for life.

    Any interest at £30 posted or a near offer?? Please. Ta
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  3. Shafiq

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    Thanks Chiseller... So what I was foing wrong was not using enough guy line (nor using decent guy line) and the pole I had wasn't long/tall enough.

    Glad youre enjoying it. @Chiseller so if I used enough guy line and a long enough pole, i could maybe get a pitch similar to yours with just the flysheet (the top layer, whatever it's called) of my Trekkertent Stealth.

    Much appreciated my Yorkshire bro
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    Morning buddy, aye, a longer pole and guys.
    You won't be able to get the same pitch with a Stealth. Best you can do is have more room at the entrance it you'll end up with more draft along the sides as it doesn't have the same curve along the ridgeline.
    The drawback with these type shelters is the length of the side panels.
    In high winds, if you can't get away from the material blowing onto you, a lot of heat is lost through conduction.
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